Monday, May 16, 2016

Damage caused by people who portray themselves to be religious

Religious Façade has become a common dilemma these days. People pretend themselves as religious and take advantage of their ulterior pious looks by ditching naïve people for their personal motives. A bad person is not that much dangerous for society whereas a hypocrite religious person causes more destruction to his fellow beings. These days it is a common practice that people pretend things other than they are actually, it causes misfortunes to those who don’t play games and trust such fake people easily. Dr. Atallah Al-Abar, secretary-general of the Family Welfare Society, Qurayyat, advised citizens to be careful from such people who cause damage to society with their sugar coated attitude. People should never judge a person by his appearance or acts which he does to impress others. The biggest damage this religious façade has caused to Islam. The hypocrite behavior of people creates resentment in society by shattering trust of human being on their peer.

The prudent behavior requires a cautious attitude and people should avoid any kind of generalization in order to escape any unfavorable experience. Naïve people turn blind eye towards religious people and don’t even dare to doubt their intentions as they consider them fearful towards God. This kind of attitude has to be changed and a person should act like a moderate and rational person for a healthy and mature society. Those who consider religious people, angels, should never forget that religious people are human beings too and they can commit mistake like a normal human being. Islamic preachers have grave influence on people and this factor is being exploited by several odds in a society. Those who want to fulfill their personal motives try to get it done by adopting religious appearance. If people would leave judging others on their appearances and pious attitude, the motivation level of such hypocrites will also lower down. This kind of attitude promotes healthy norms in a society.

Due to bad acts of fake scholars, true scholars and preachers also get impacted. People who become an easy prey to religious façades don’t even trust honest fellow and this process breaks overall chain of trust in a healthy society. While trusting a religious person, he should be judged properly in order to avoid any kind of loss later.

A religious person never excludes himself from doing a virtuous act. He applies a piece of advice first on himself and then motivates others to do this through a practical approach. A poor judgment based on weak grounds may lead to a loss which may never be compensated. Due to hypocrite behavior of few fake people, these days’ victims don’t even trust those who are following Islam practically as per instructions of religion and God.

Even a naïve person should be mature enough to understand that people may fake their appearances to trap them for their personal benefits. Public awareness programs should be initiated on this sensitive issue as it is widely impacting those who don’t fake their religion and appearances.
Source: Saudi Gazette

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