Thursday, May 19, 2016

Dead body of Indian workers repatriated home after one year from Saudi Arabia

A social worker in India, along with the assistance of the Embassy of India has finally managed to repatriate the dead body of a 50 year old Indian man. The Indian man in question is Yerrasentla Venkata Ramana, who had died after a fall while performing his duties as a shepherd. The Indian man Venkata Ramana was from the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The Indian man breathed his last at Hota Bani Tameem, which is located around 225 kilometers away from Riyadh city. His death had occurred back in November of 2014. The body had been lying in the mortuary of the Hota bani Tameem Hospital for over a year.

The deceased Indian man belonged to a poor joint family. It has been reported that the deceased’s brother had borrowed great sums of money to send to the Kingdom to his brother. In accordance with the letter sent to the embassy by the family of the deceased, it seems that the family believes that Venkata died under mysterious circumstances and demanded an inquiry into the matter. The Indian embassy however confirmed that the death occurred due to falling from a certain height while he was working. Another man by the name of Venkatesh was the first person to follow up with the local police. This man was also an agricultural laborer working near the place where the deceased was employed. The follow up did not provide any results as there was no proper documentation, completion of formalities and also lack of proper follow up.

After nothing was done, Venkatesh called and notified the social worker Shihab Kottukad and sought his help to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Shihab then took the matter up with the Riyadh Embassy officials. Shihab also travelled to Hota Bani Tameem under the authorization by the Indian embassy, and made numerous follow-ups with the police and local authorities.

Based upon the held and advise of all the authorities, Shihab completed the documentation procedure for the body to be shifted to India. The remnant belongings of the deceased comprised of only some clothes and a total amount of 1950 SAR along with SAR 2000 given to the police as salary dues. The local police duly handed over all belongings to Venkatesh and the total monetary amount was received by Shihab and subsequently deposited with the Indian Embassy to be transferred to the family of the deceased through official channels.

The Embassy also contacted the family of the deceased to request the family to come and receive the body of their relative from the airport. The brother of the deceased Indian man, Kummagiri stated that he would be waiting at Chennai Airport for his brother’s body. The Saudi sponsor of the Indian national decided to bear the total cost of transporting his body back to India. The Indian man Venkata had only come to the Kingdom a year before his death, working as agricultural labor in the farm lands of the Kingdom.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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