Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mobile Application to Report Crimes in Saudi Arabia

The General Directorate of Public Security has recently launched the “KOLANA AMN” or WE ARE ALL SECURITY application for all mobile phones and smart phones. This application will allow all of the members of the public to report traffic accidents, crimes or any other incident to the police and authorities by just a few clicks. There are currently 39 operations rooms which are fully functioning around the country which are ready to receive reports from the users of this mobile phone application. This statement was by the director general of the public security division, Othman Al Mohrej.

He stated that the mobile phone application has been launched with the complete guidance and support of the Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Naif, Interior Minister and Deputy Premier. This mobile application has been aimed to provide several ways for residents and citizens to become an active participant in keeping their street, neighborhood, city and country safe, added Al Mohrej. Al Mohrej has also stated that all of the reports from the residents and citizens would be attended to professionally and immediately. This mobile phone application is now available for download on the Windows, iOS, operating systems and mobile platforms.

All those individuals who want to use the application will have to register themselves as users, and will have to provide their mobile phone numbers and also identity numbers. Once they have completed this simple procedure, they will be receiving a text message almost immediately which will provide them with a password for one time use. Al Mohrej has also stated that the crime reporting application makes use of the GPS locator on the smart phones and will directly send the location of the user along with the report to the operation room. Users will also be able to attach photographs and videos which can be taken with the camera on the phone or can be selected from the library on the smart phone or hand held device. The application also has voice recording option with the report.

Users of this application can also find the nearest traffic department or police station, as the application can determine that by using the geographical location of the user and then provide the coordinates and location to the user with the help of an interactive map. While technology has greatly changed our lives for the better, it has also seemingly isolated us from one other and also from the rest of the world. While all major countries around the world are stepping it up in terms of keeping their citizens safe, it is without doubt that the Kingdom is amongst the very few nations who are now stepping it up even further a notch by introducing this application.

Now most of our lives have boiled down to a handful of applications, which have simplified our life, and now even reporting a crime or calling the police for help will literally be at the touch of a button, no longer do you have to even talk to the operators.

Download Application for iOS:

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Source: Arab News

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