Friday, May 20, 2016

Muslim Women must learn English or be ready for deportation from the UK – British PM

David Cameron, the Prime Minister of Great Britain stated that all of those Muslim women who fail at learning English to an acceptable standard could very well face deportation from Britain. The Premier also suggested that those Muslim women who have poor English Skills will be more susceptible towards messages of radical and extremist groups such as the Islamic State or IS. The comments of the premier come right as the conservatives have launched a language fund for the women in the isolated communities in a bid to build a sense of community integration. The fund is set up at 20 million GBPs.

The immigration rules currently as it is force the spouses of residents to be fluent in the English language prior to moving to Britain and living with their partners. However the premier, David Cameron, has also stated that they would also be facing additional tests, after residing in the country for more than two and a half years. This test will be aimed towards assessing whether their English language skills are improving. The premier stated in an interview to BBC radio that you cannot guarantee that you will be able to stay in the country if you do not improve upon your language. He added that those people who are coming into the country also have a few responsibilities.

The government of premier Cameron has estimated that nearly 190,000 Muslim women located in England which is around 22 percent of the total Muslim women population, speak either little or no English. Currently it is estimated that there are 2.7 million Muslims residing in England out of the total population of 53 million. The premier added in his talks to BBC radio that he was not saying that there is any connection between being an extremist and not knowing English. He added however that those who are not able to speak English, will not be able to integrate, it is then that you may have an identity crisis and could become susceptible to the messages of extremist groups.

The comments made by the premier, naturally drew a lot of criticism from the Muslims and Muslim groups and also the opposition parties. The Chief Executive of the Ramadhan Foundation blamed the premier of disgraceful stereotyping of the Muslims. The Ramadhan Foundation campaigns for better community relations especially for the Muslims. He added that the Conservative Government and David Cameron are once more using the Muslims of England as a sort of a political football to score cheap political points and to paint a tough image.

The spokesman for home affairs for the main opposition Labour party, Andy Burnham has accused the premier of having a clumsy and simplistic approach. Sayeeda Warsi the Ex Conservative Party co-chair stated that her former boss’s new idea was misguided and lazy and was also stereotyping the British Muslim communities. She added that it is sloppy and lazy when policies are made on stereotypes which immensely stigmatize the communities.

Source: Yahoo News

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