Thursday, May 5, 2016

Register your Mobile Ownership through MOI (Absher) Account using Wthiq service

One more feature has been added by the Ministry of Interior in your MOI (Absher) Account, now you can register your mobile ownership through your MOI (Absher) Account using Wthiq service. Wthiq service enables citizens and residents to authenticate their voice and data SIM cards (both Postpaid and Prepaid) with no need to visit provider companies. The Procedure to register your Mobile Ownership through MOI (Absher) Account using Wthiq service is very simple and has been explained in detail below with screenshots.

The first requirement to register your Mobile Ownership through MOI (Absher) Account is to have an MOI (Absher) Account. If you don’t have this account, follow the procedure written in this link “Register for MOI (Abshir) Services
The procedure to login to MOI (Absher) Account has been changed recently. If you don’t know about the new procedure to login to your MOI (Absher) Account, follow this link “Process to login to MOI (Absher) Account
After logging into your MOI (Absher) Account, you need to move your cursor to the “E-Services”. A dropdown menu will appear from which you need to locate the tab “SIM Card Authentication”. Move your cursor to this tab and a new menu will open where you have to click on “Wthiq SIM Card Authentication”. You can take help from the attached screenshot.

A new page will appear with the set of instructions which you need to read carefully. We have also explained these instructions in easy language at the end of this article. After reading the instructions, you just need to click on the “Authenticate Voice and Data SIM Card”. On the next page, you will be required enter your mobile number and select your service provider. In my case, I have selected service provider as “ZAIN”. Read the terms and conditions carefully and check the box “I accept terms and conditions”. After that click on “Send Authentication Request” button.

On the next page, you will have to confirm the authentication request of your SIM card. As soon as you click the authentication button, an SMS will be sent with verification code to the number you have entered for authentication. Enter the verification code in the MOI screen and click on “Send Authentication Request”.

A new screen will open with the message that “Your authentication request for the mobile number 05XXXXXXXX submitted to your mobile service provider. You will be informed by SMS from the service provider when the authentication process is completed.” You can check by going to first screen and selecting “View Authentication Request Status” that your request has been made successfully.

Important Instructions to register your Mobile Ownership through MOI (Absher) Account using Wthiq service
  1. This service for both Voice and data SIM cards
  2. For data SIM you have to enter (MSISDN), if you do not know it, please contact your service provider.
  3. If you have one mobile number with multiple SIM cards, please send one request only for authentication, and all SIM cards will be considered in the request
  4. This service provided is to send authentication request and you will be informed by SMS from the service provider when the authentication process is completed.
  5. The user can send more than one request for different numbers belong to him.
  6. The number that required to be authenticated should be registered under (owned by) the user in the service providers systems.
  7. The number should be operated by one of the service providers registered in service.
  8. The user has to enter the mobile number that he wants to authenticate + selecting the current service provider.
  9. This service for both pre-paid and post-paid SIM cards
  10. If the number is authenticated by other channel no need to be authenticated again.
  11. The total authenticated numbers “SIMs” (for pre-paid only) should not exceed 10 number for each person.
  12. This service for all (SIM) numbers registered on resident and citizens who can use Absher services.
  13. Authenticating your number means your agreement and assertion on that you own it and you have full responsibility in using the number (whether voice or data SIM cards); and it will be used by you or by a member of your family only.
  14. Using your SIM card (whether voice or data SIM cards) must be in accordance with the regulations and laws of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Islamic Sharia; in case of violating this, sanctions and rules will applied according to applicable regulations of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  15. You are also responsible for the authenticity of the entered data and information in the authentication request. If the entered data and information are incorrect, the sanctions of counterfeiting and fraud regulations will be applied.
  16. If you want to cancel the number, you should not authenticate it and you should go directly to service provider to cancel the number and to complete settlement with the service provider.
  17. Requesting authentication does not mean direct approval for the request, as the regulations of Ministry of Interior and Communication and Information Technology Commission will be applied; and also the authenticity of the entered data will be matched with service providers systems

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