Monday, May 23, 2016

Saudi Celebrities earn upto RS 30,000 per “Tweet”

Those celebrities on Twitter, who have more than 1 million followers, have now started to participate in advertising, by utilizing the method of advertising known as emplacement, which means showcasing a product subtly so that the celebrity can earn money off of it while still remaining relevant and credible to their followers. Such advertisements have now found their way on to the accounts of several celebrities in the sports and media industries and also amongst famous preachers. In accordance to a recent report which was published in a local newspaper which stated that the cost of any one tweet which is paid to the owner of the popular accounts or pages whose followers are in between 100,000 to 1 million stands somewhere between SAR 2000 to SAR 5000, where as the cost per tweet of any account with more than 1 million followers is valued to be around SAR 10,000 and SAR 20,000.

The most expensive tweets come from an ex sportsman of Saudi origin, who charges around SAR 30,000 per tweet. Wael Hailem, who is the owner of an advertising and publicity company, has stated that the traditional advertisements have diminished substantially over the last few years. This is mainly due to the increase in users of the electronic media forms which are cheaper and have a wider exposure than print media. Digital media is now the key factor in any industry due to the rise in popularity of the social networking sites, electronic newspapers and other platforms. Shujaa Khatab, who is an expert in the advertising business, has stated that traditional form of advertisement is limited to billboards and newspapers. He added that these methods have become outdated. The social media outlets allow users to interact with the ads.

The other important factor in this is that ad designs are much more innovative now, with far more access and cheaper costs. Another expert of advertising, Mamdouh Abdul Rahman has stated that the future of advertising will be based upon electronic platforms rather than the older print media platforms. Factors which have caused this shift include the dependence upon smart phones, tablets, social network sites and other such products.

He added that the number of views per day on the video sharing site YouTube stands at 195 million while some of the prominent Saudi accounts have acquired upwards of 4 million followers. He further added that the share of newspapers in terms of advertising comprise for 70 percent which is equal to SAR 950 million. The situation completely changed over the last 2 years for the Saudi market, which has witnessed a huge growth rate due to the readily available funds amongst the consumers. This has lead to huge competition amongst both local and international companies and producers.

The total volume of the market for advertising has subsequently doubled over the last few years. It was also confirmed that both the visual and paper or print media are still the dominating forces in the advertising market.

Source: Arab News

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