Sunday, May 1, 2016

Why do Aeroplanes have round windows?

The windows we normally fix in our homes are square or rectangular in shape but the windows in aeroplanes are rounded and circular in shape. Let us share with you why these windows are rounded and not square in shape. Though almost everyone who travels though airplane at least once in the flight tries to see through the windows of airplane but everyone who has travelled in the airplane may not have thought that the windows are round and not in square shape. However there are interesting facts behind circular windows.

Experts and aerospace engineers have made remarkable advances and achievements in airplane technology. Efforts are being put in improving the aeroplanes in all aspects. aeroplanes are made comfortable for passengers more and more facilities are provided on board and the plane made today cannot be compared with the planes those carried passengers initially. Planes of these days go faster than those manufactured initially and these planes are more spacious, carry more luggage and more passengers. The shape and design of planes has also changed a lot for purposes including safety of passengers. The design of windows has also changed from the initial design.

In the year 1950 onwards when the jetliners were the most common air crafts, another plane “de Havilland Comet” was introduced in the airplane industry. This cabin of this aeroplane was built in a special way and because of that cabin this airplane could go higher and faster than any other aircraft of that time. The windows of this aircraft were designed square and in year 1953 two aeroplanes crashed in air and 56 people were killed in this incident. The planes fell apart high in the air and human lives were destroyed. It showed that that the planes were crashed because of square shaped windows.

Experts explain that where there is a corner in the aircraft’s body, that corner is a weak spot. So when a window has four corners it has in fact, four weak points. These points can easily crash under stress laid in them by high air pressure during flight. The windows of aeroplanes are now curved because the stress that may crack the window from its weak spots in the square shape is now distributed because of rounded shape when the air pressure distribute the chances of cracking up are reduced.

Source: Time of India

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