Thursday, May 5, 2016

Why do we have Hiccups?

There is no specified time that one can expect hiccups, they are so unpredictable and can occur anytime. In many cases the situation becomes really annoying as continuous hiccups can intrude while someone is having a conversation or eating food. You lose the tract completely as hiccups causes intervals and this have a negative impact on your mood. Every individual experiences a unique pattern of hiccups that may consist of four to six hiccups in a minute. Everybody seems bothered about the hiccups if they continue for a longer span of time. Nobody can guess the cause due to which hiccups starts suddenly and abruptly. People try different ways and theories to deal with hiccups and there are other peculiar myths that can stop hiccups. Before heading to the symptoms and treatment to stop hiccups, we must know what hiccups are and how we can control them.

Hiccups also known as (singultus) which occurs due to the repetitive unavoidable contractions of the diaphragm, the muscle that is present right at the bottom of the lungs and establishes a boundary line between the abdomen and the chest. It is responsible to regulate smooth breathing process .But when the breathing is out of rhythm; it produces intervals known as hiccups. The diaphragm spasm causes a rush of air towards the lungs as vocal cords and larynx close suddenly. In return the body resonates and creates a hiccup sound. Hiccups can also be spelled as “hiccoughs”. Usually the hiccups stop normally within an hour, without the need of any medical treatment but in many serious cases, hiccups lasts for more than 48 hours. Such hiccups are classified into two major types.

  • While you breathe in hold your breath for 10 seconds, release it . Repeat this process for three to four times after every twenty minutes.
  • Take a paper bag and breathe into it but make sure you don’t cover the head with it.
  • Take few drops of vinegar and pour them directly in your mouth.
  • Cut a lemon slice and suck the juice as you suck a candy.
CAUSES OF HICCUPS: Following maybe few causes:
  • Over eating
  • Stress or emotional excitement
  • Changes in temperature
  • Too much accumulation of chewing gum as it allows more and more air to swallow
  • Too much intake of Alcohol
  • Excessive use of fizzy and carbonated drinks
RISK FACTORS: As compared with men, women are less likely to experience the long term hiccups. Following other reasons can also contribute to generate hiccups:
  • MENTAL OR EMOTIONAL ISSUES: Anxiety, stress and excitement can create hiccups which may occur for short or long term span depending upon the intensity of emotional outcome.
  • SURGERY: Patients who experience extensive surgeries related to abdominal organs and general anesthesia are more likely to become victim to hiccups.
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