Monday, June 20, 2016

2 Indians returning after Umrah died, 3 seriously Injured

Since the time I have started writing my posts, I have been emphasizing on the importance of safe and defensive driving. Deaths and injuries resulting in accidents is not always your fault as sometimes other party might also be at fault but defensive driving techniques can reduce the damage. All of us know that Saudi Arabia is one of the leading countries of the world as far as road deaths are concerned. Today once again, we have to break sad news that 2 Indians, returning from Makkah, died instantly when their car met with an accident near the capital city, on Saturday. 3 others sustained serious injuries. Also Read: British Family killed in Makkah, Final SMS: “Our driver is going too fast”

Munna and Guddu who are circled in the picture passed away immediately at the scene of accident. Munna and Guddu were residents of Siwan district in Bihar. 3 other people in the picture are seriously injured and undergoing treatment in a city hospital. A close relative of Guddu, Shahriyar Khan explained to Saudi Media. Their families in India have been informed about the sad incident. Also Read: Pakistani family of 6 killed in Saudi traffic accident

“Everything was going well for all of them as they performed Umrah and were returning well but just when they were entering Riyadh his car was hit by a trolley and the duo died on the spot,” Khan said. Guddu, a project manager in Almarai, was about to go home for Eid Al-Fitr and had gone to perform Umrah with his friends. Also Read: Pakistani died due to Car Accident when he was sitting in Barber’s Shop

A little extra care while driving either from both sides of drivers could have saved 2 precious lives. Just imagine, the people who have been killed during road accident were not all alone. There are families associated and dependent upon their earnings. Their families will have to suffer for the rest of the life after this. A little extra care! Also Read: A Car Accident brought together two brother who were unaware of each other’s existence

Source: Arab News
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