Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Maisah Sobaihi: First Saudi to perform monodrama worldwide

The women of Saudi Arabia are breaking down one stereotype at a time, by doing some things which were previously unthinkable in the highly conservative society of Saudi Arabia. Everything ranging from sports, martial arts to arts and theater Saudi women are doing it all, and not giving heed to some of the negativity which they must be receiving from that part of the conservative society which is still unable to accept this modernization of the Saudi women. One such Saudi woman breaking stereotypes is Maisah Sobaihi.

Sobaihi is a director, performer and a playwright. She has now made history by getting global headlines as being the first ever Saudi woman to have performed a one man show in Monodrama Theater. She is also the first Saudi to have ever performed at the prestigious and well renowned Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Sobaihi’s production “Head Over Heels” has presented the current issues which revolve around the women of Saudi Arabia in her career, marriage, relationships and her daily life. Sobaihi spoke to the media in which she stated that she had decided to perform this particular play abroad in a bid to represent the women of Saudi Arabia rather than have people from elsewhere portraying the women of Saudi Arabia in a false or negative image in the media.

She stated that the rest of the world does not know us as being productive women. She added that she prefers breaking stereotypes rather than adhering to them. Our society seems to get angry or upset when others talk about us hence I acted and portrayed. She had first performed in the world renowned Edinburg Festival Fringe back in 2013. She had then moved on to introducing the Arabic version of the same performance in Saudi Arabia in Jeddah. Her production which is a comedy drama, regularly and often receives a lot of positive feedback from her enthusiastic audience where several of the people relate and sympathize with the various characters and the roles played out in the play.

This is exactly what is needed by the women of Saudi Arabia. Performing arts is a stage from which all the world can be accessed. Be it through social media or through live performances, you can get your message across to a lot of people while entertaining them with a well written play.  Representation of the women of Saudi Arabia by the women of Saudi Arabia should exist on every level and on every stage. For too long has the rest of the world portrayed a wrong image of the Saudi women as being submissive, weak and basically maids or slaves for their husbands!

The world needs to know that even though the Saudi women respect their husbands a lot, it can under no circumstance be said or conceived that they are weak, or simply maids for their husbands. They are strong, independent, and if provided with the opportunity, they will always shine bright for the entire country and the entire world to see.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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