Thursday, June 16, 2016

Woman Gives Birth on Saudi Airline Flight SV 21 to New York

Around 353,000 children are born every day in the entire world. But no one really cares about them. However, a baby born couple of days ago got media highlights as he was on Saudi Airline Flight SV 21 to New York. Everyone is keen to know about details of this baby and family. Saudi Media has reported that a pregnant woman who was travelling on Saudi Airlines flight from Jeddah to New York gave birth to a baby girl. The name of the woman has not been disclosed by the Saudi Media. Also Read: Saudi Airlines Hostesses are one of the best in Business

It has been reported that the pregnant lady was in her 7th month of pregnancy which allowed aviation staff to let her travel on flight. It is in compliance with Saudi Airlines rules and regulations. However, at the time when flight was flying over Northern Ireland, the pregnant lady started feeling labor pains and soon it became very severe. Considering the gravity and sensitivity of the situation, the pilot declared emergency and contacted nearest Airport for landing. Ultimately flight was routed to London Heathrow Airport.

A couple of pictures of the Saudi Airlines crew staff with the newly born baby has been published on social media. Saudi Airlines public officer has also confirmed the birth on flight. They confirmed that it was the only reason to land the plane which was going to New York to London Airport.

It is also important to mention here that airline crew was trained for such emergency cases. Saudi Airlines has also declared that the baby will be able to travel free worldwide through this airline.

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