Saturday, June 18, 2016

Yousif Al-Maibooq: A Saudi Trainer who lives with Wild Lions

If you talk to anybody about keeping a wild cat such as lion or tiger in their homes or training one of these wild cats, I can bet you that 99.99 percent of the people would say no faster than you can complete your question. Though this might be true for most of the world, it definitely is not true for the people of Saudi Arabia. This is one country which seems to have a huge attraction towards these wild cats. You could easily spot a young Saudi man driving around town with their wild cats sitting beside them in the passenger seat. One such young Saudi man is Yousif Al Maibooq, 36. Al Maibooq belongs to the Eastern Province city and keeping ferocious animals as his pets seems to be his passion.

Al Maibooq personally believes that even the most ferocious of animals can be completely tamed, if and only if the tamer has enough experience under their belt and has complete knowledge about the basics as well as secrets of the job. Al Maibooq stated that his passion of taming Lions had begun around 8 years ago. The Lions can be tamed in several different ways, which in the end all depends on the tamer. Lionesses and Lions were also a part of the local festival which would be held here up until 3 years ago. Al Maibooq stated that his animals love him very much and really miss him whenever he is travelling. Whenever he returns they seem to feel extremely happy and immediately rush to play with him.

He says that he is not at all afraid of the fact that these ferocious animals might just turn against him one fine day because the method of taming that he uses for all of his animals is completely foolproof. Presently, Al Maibooq’s wild cat roster includes two lions and also a lioness that all belong to Ethiopia. The two lions are of the ages 4 and 1 where as the lioness is two years old. These animals are kept in Al Maibooqs home located in the Al Nasriyah Neighborhood of Qatif.

Both of the lions as well as the lioness had been tamed when they were only little cubs. Apart from that they are locked inside sturdy steel cages which are always locked so that they cannot run away. Hence the people who are living in the neighborhood have nothing at all to be worried about. He states that he has applied some of the strictest measures and also does not allow any body to come really close to the cages to avoid any accidents or inconvenience.

All 3 of the animals kept by Al Maibooq had been transported to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia via airplane. Al Maibooq states that he has paid an astonishing sum of SAR 400,000 for the transportation of his beloved animals. This is some type of dedication that most people would not understand. If you ask me, I would never be playing around with wild cats, I guess that’s why I am writing this article and Al Maibooq is taming the lions.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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