Thursday, July 28, 2016

4 Etiquettes of Smoking in Public Places in Saudi Arabia

If you are a smoker, you might want to read what we have in store for you. Do you ever light a cigarette only to be met with harsh looks and people stepping away from you? This is because when you lit that cigarette, all the other people around you did not ask for a few puffs of your second hand smoke. There are however a few ways that you can smoke while amidst people (sort of) and not be met with those deadly looks and people slightly shifting away from you.

  1. Method 1: When you are in a conversation with a non smoker, do not just light a cigarette in front of them. Once they are done talking, excuse yourself and find a vacant place or smoking corner. Before you return to resume your conversation, it is advised that you take a breath mint. This is something disregarded by most smokers. Try using minty sugar free gum. Return back to the person and group and do so quietly. Don’t barge in and start talking loudly as it may offend people.
  2. Method 2: When you are outside in a Public area, wait till you have an opportunity to find a vacant place or smoking corner. While some people may not like the smoke in their faces, some may have health problems which might be triggered by the smoke. Smoking far away from the rest of the public is a matter of safety as well as politeness. One thing that you can do to be discreet is to hold a hand over your lighter when you are lighting up the cigarette. Try to also point the cigarette towards you while holding it as it will be hidden from sight as well.
  3. Method 3: When you are inside somewhere in a public area, it is essential to choose and appropriate time. At the right time, excuse yourself and head to a balcony or outdoors. If you do go outdoors then do not stand in front of the building to smoke as people coming in might have to inhale the smoke unwillingly. It is best advised to smoke by the corner or in a designated smoking zone outside.
  4. Method 4: During a meal with others, if you have finished early and want to go smoke, it is generally polite to wait until everybody has completed their meals, and then all those who do smoke can go out and do so. However if you want to go in the middle of the meal, simply excuse yourself to go to the toilet. However when you get up, go and find a smoking corner or head outside and smoke. It is advised to go and smoke outside for only 2 to 3 minutes and then head back. If you take any longer your company might think there is something wrong.  Again it is advised to keep a mint or a minty chewing gum at hand, as the people sitting with you for your meal are likely to smell the smoke.
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