Sunday, July 31, 2016

4 Funny things, every woman does at home when alone

Men tend to think that they have women figured out. However we fail to realize that women are truly more complex individuals than men. Men think that they know what women want, what women like to do etc. etc. whether it be our wife, mother, sister or daughter. However there is still a lot men can learn about women.  For those women who are busy working day in and day out, either at home maintaining the house, taking care of the children and being a homemaker, or be it at their workplace trying to make an income with the career path that they have chosen, these days it seems like they have little to no time for themselves. However if they do happen to come across a day where they can relax, they tend to do some pretty (self assumed) cool things, which might sound really funny to us men.

  1. Check if they still fit in their old clothes: One thing that every woman does now and again, alone at home is to see if they can still fit in to their old clothes. For women, bringing out old clothes from the closet and trying them may bring out memories of when they went shopping and will help them relax. It is also very self motivating when women find out that they fit perfectly into their old clothes, and can even motivate those women who do not fit into their old clothes to work out.
  2. Watch the silliest stuff: Long gone are the days when women would sit around watching only soap operas. Nowadays women will be watching some of the silliest stuff online, thanks to various video sharing websites. This silly content women watch may range from old cartoons, to infomercials about a new hair product or a slimming tea. Women have also ditched the soap operas for all the viral videos going around on the internet. This is something that I have personally witnessed with my mom who would be hooked on to soap operas prior to the existence of YouTube. Now though, she watches various D.I.Y. stuff like; arts and craft and hair tutorials to make up tutorials etc. times are surely changing.
  3. Think of doing something productive: Women also find tidying up the house in peace, all alone, to be quite stress relieving. They get to do exactly what they want, when they want, and there is nobody to disturb them. They may fold up the laundry, up keeping the house, finishing up and work related stuff.  One thing that we all know is that just 1 day of peace sometimes may not be enough as we may be still tired from the day before. Similarly women may not have the energy to fold up the laundry or do something productive so they might just sit back and relax, much like us men.
  4. Try bizarre exercise and moves: Women have now become more conscious about their health and weight, more than ever before. Women are always on the lookout on the internet for any new exercise which they can do at home or at the gym.
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