Thursday, July 28, 2016

5 reasons, Saudi Arabia is the 2nd happiest nation in the Arab World

The United Nations has recently released the world happiness report for the year of 2016, and has revealed that the people of Denmark are the happiest people in the world. The new report for the year of 2016 by the United Nations has covered a total of 156 countries on the list, where the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has come in 34th position in the world, and only the second in the entire Arab world, coming in after the United Arab Emirates. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has reached the second position in the happiness sc ale (only in the Arab world) amongst 68 other countries in the region. This is in accordance to a recent survey which had been conducted by the WIN / Gallup International which had sampled around 66,000 people who belonged to the respective countries.

These respondents or people had been asked about what their concepts were about happiness, optimism, material wealth, economy and stability. Complete information about the survey which has been done by WIN / Gallup International is available to be viewed on their official website. A professor at the Al Qassim University, Dr. Eizzudin Al Nimr has stated that there were a total of 5 main reasons which have made the people of Saudi Arabia amongst the top happiest people on Earth. Al Nimr stated that understanding happiness is greatly dependent upon the understanding of any individual or citizen about life. Some patients, who may be suffering horrible pain due to their illness, still seem to feel happy, similarly a healthy person feeling no pain due to any illness may not be really happy. Some poor people may feel happy even despite the fact that they may not have much money or material possessions, where as some of the rich people with all their money and material wealth may not truly be happy.

  1. The main five reasons why the Saudi people are happy firstly includes religion. The center of Islam all around the world is Makkah. Saudi Arabia is also considered as the homeland of Islam and nearly all important historical sites of Islam are located in Saudi Arabia.
  2. Secondly the happiness factor is increased by security and peace. You cannot possibly feel happy if you personally do not feel secure and safe.
  3. Thirdly it is money. The people of Saudi Arabia live far more financially comfortable lives in comparison to other Arab countries, Non Arab countries, Western countries and pretty much the majority of all developed countries.
  4. The fourth reason is free education, which is not free or of such good quality in many countries, even in the rich and developed western world and other developed countries.
  5. The fifth and final reason is complete and comprehensive health care. If any person loses their happiness, they just become an empty vessel which breathes. There are several things which might make you miserable for several weeks, however there are only very few things which might give you happiness for a complete day.
Source: Arab News


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