Thursday, July 14, 2016

5 Years Old Girl shot dead at Saudi Wedding – Groom Arrested

The security authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have recently arrested two grooms on their wedding night after a five year old girl in the house next door to the wedding hall died. As the celebrations of the wedding were underway, in the neighboring halls, a guest at the wedding did aerial firing from his weapon in order to show how happy he was. However one bullet from his weapon hit a girl who had been playing in the courtyard of the house next door and it killed her. The police who had been called in order to investigate the incident, promptly decided to arrest the grooms, up until the actual culprit has been identified.

The security authorities have arrested Mohammad, one of the grooms, right as he was getting ready to take his newlywed wife back home with him in the Hawiya area. This was the statement made by the father of the groom. He added that when he inquired as to the reason why he is being arrested, the police told us that a little girl had been killed by one of the bullets and that the police are in dire need to find a solution or answer to her death. The father was quoted by the Sabq Saudi news site.

The father of the groom stated that he had no idea who fired the shots, however he also insisted it was not one of the guests at the wedding of his son. He added that his son has now been held for a total of 9 days and he has yet not had the chance to enjoy his married life and he is currently still in the custody of the police. Another groom from the next hall had also been arrested.  The 5 year old girl who was unfortunately killed was named Shumookh. The father is requesting the authorities to free his innocent son and allow him to finally enjoy his married life.

Under the Saudi law, celebratory gunfire is prohibited, and if the law is violated the groom may be arrested. All of the districts, governorates as well as the relevant investigation and security agencies have also been asked to implement these rules against everyone. The authorities have also assigned policemen who will be monitoring wedding halls, relaxation areas and palaces in order to ensure no laws are being broken, and those who break these rules should be punished immediately.

This decision for a no nonsense policy had been made following a notable increase in such fatal and serious injuries by stray bullets fired in public celebrations. The celebratory gunfire is in complete violation of the public order, the Saudi officials have stated in a stern warning. The act of celebratory gunfire is extremely common in the Middle East; however it is also a cultural aspect in South America and South Asia. Just last month an Indian groom, Amit Rastogi had also been killed by a stray bullet which had been apparently fired by guests who were celebrating his wedding in a party in Uttar Pradesh.

Source: Gulf News

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