Saturday, July 23, 2016

6 Benefits of having Feet Massage before going to Sleep

Massaging one’s feet is an excellent technique which has several positive effects on your general overall health and most importantly this simple technique can help you in reducing your level of stress. In accordance to several medical professionals, this technique has several positive effects and it also highly beneficial for the overall health of each and every person.

  1. Blood Circulation: Feet massage can help you in improving your blood circulation. Additionally it will also help in removing any and all of the secretion from the sweat and sebaceous glands. Massaging yourself can also help in removing subcutaneous adipose tissue and fat.
  2. Strengthen the Metabolism: Feet massage is also extremely beneficial for you as it will help in strengthening the metabolism in your body. It can also help you speed up the inflow of nutrients in the tissues, hence improving the oxidation of the issues.
  3. Stronger Skin: As the tone of your skin will tend to get a whole lot stronger, any swelling of the lymph which you may have will also soon fade and disappear, and your skin will also get much more elastic, looking much healthier and younger.
  4. Stretching down of Muscle: Feet massage helps your feet to stretch down. In simpler words for everybody to understand, over the day your foot size can shrink just a bit, but it causes your foot to become extremely stiff and hard. However after the massage your feet will not be tensed, they will be relaxed, as the massage will have removed all the milk acid sediment, which is commonly known for causing pain in muscles and cramps.
  5. Digestion: It is also extremely important for you all to know that the act of massaging the sole of your feet will also motivate you and improve your digestion. Certain health conditions are also known to be curable by self massaging.
  6. Pain Reliever: Massaging your feet is extremely great as with only the application of a little pressure on certain important points or parts of your feet, you can to treat some illnesses of the organs, which are directly connected with those parts or points on your feet. A foot massage can also help you in decreasing pain which you might be feeling. In some cases the massage can do a lot more than that by curing certain diseases.
In order for the process of massaging to work and have some effect on your body, you must massage your feet every night, before going to bed. Self massaging your foot is extremely simple and it does not take up a lot of your time. Recommended massage duration is 10 to 15 minutes. If you are already suffering from some diseases, you should just massage your feet completely which will definitely result in an improvement in your general health. This way you can improve your entire organism.

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