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7 Facts you need to know about the blast in Masjid al Nabawi – 4 Videos including CCTV

Masjid al Nabawi is the second biggest mosque of the world by area and the capacity of worshippers. But it holds a very important place in the heart of each and every Muslim around the world. This is the place where first Muslim government was formed 1400 years ago. This is the place where Prophet Muhammad S.A.W spent last few years of his life. Yesterday, there was a suicide attack near Masjid al Nabawi in Madina which killed 4 security officials and left 5 injured. But Alhamdulillah, no worshipper was harmed. Muslims all over the globe felt it like someone has stabbed in their back because of religious importance of the Grand Mosque in Madina. How the incident took place, we will explain each and every detail.

  1. When this incident took place? The incident took place just at the time of Maghrib prayer when Muslims all around the world were breaking their fast.
  2. What was the target of the suicide attacker? There were around 2 million Muslims in Masjid al Nabawi only, who were breaking their fast and the target of the suicide bomber was also Masjid al Nabawi. In fact he was heading towards his target. Normally, Iftar time is considered a peaceful time as even security officials remain busy in breaking their fast after all day's long fasting. I think, suicide attacker wanted to take benefit of this time.
  3. How Suicide Attacker was detected and stopped? Security men suspected a man who was walking towards the Prophet’s Mosque across an open area that is being used as a parking lot for visitors. When they tried to stop him, he blew himself up resulting in his death and the martyrdom of four security men. Meanwhile, five other security men were injured. The suicide attacker looked to be an 18 years old guy.
  4. Was this the only attack in Saudi Arabia that day? No, 3 different cities of Saudi Arabia were attacked the same day of 4th July 2016.
    • First attack was around 2am in the morning when a Pakistani national blew himself near U.S. Consulate Jeddah.
    • 2nd attack took place in Qatif where two suicide bombers blew themselves up one after the other outside the Faraj Al-Omran Mosque. No casualties were reported. A witness said a car bomb was detonated near the mosque, which was followed by a suicide attack just before 7 p.m.
    • 3rd attack was targeting the Grand Mosque in Madina.
  5. How strong the blast was? People who were present in the Masjid al Nabawi to break their fast heard a strong voice of blast. They felt as if the land is shaking. It was most horrible sound for many of them who were present there.
  6. What was the exact location of Blast? The suicide attacker blew himself in the Parking of Masjid al Nabawi towards Jannat ul Baqi.
  7. Who is responsible for this attack? No one has taken the responsibility of this attack so far. However, whoever they are, Muslims all around the world have a solid belief that they cannot be Muslims. They are enemies of Muslims and I think all Muslim Ummah should get together at one place to eradicate this fitnah.
  8. The Municipal Council of Madinah has approved a recommendation to name streets after the martyrs of the Madinah attacks, in recognition of their sacrifices for protecting the homeland and its citizens. Source: Arab News
  9. One of the two terrorists killed on Jan 07, 2017 shootout in Riyadh has been identified as Tayea Salem Yaslam Al-Sayari, who was wanted for plotting the attack on the Prophet’s Mosque in the year 2016. Source: Saudi Gazette
Video 1: Videos circulated on social media showed a car burning and at least two security officers lying on the ground and two others lay crumpled near a burning car. The bomber also died in the attack, which took place at the time of iftar. No worshipper was injured in the attack, said a press correspondent from the scene.

Video 2: Al Arabiya news has also made a video explaining how this incident took place.

Video 3: There is another video taken from a hotel window in which you can easily see the burning cars and the exact place where incident took place.
Video 4: A video circulating on Social Media claimed to be the CCTV video of The Blast in Parking Lot back of Jannat Ul Baqi.

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