Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Alive Baby declared dead in Taif, baby started shivering while bathing the body

A privately owned hospital in Taif is now facing closure after the doctors there had pronounced a baby dead. The baby boy, was however alive for several more hours after he was once again declared dead. Pair of twins, one boy and one girl have been buried at the Al Abbas Graveyard in Taif after their funeral prayer at the Abdullah Bin Abbas Mosque. At the same time, the health authorities in Taif have kept their investigation into the case continued, which has received a lot of public anger. The spokesman stated that Saleh Al Moonis, the Health Director has instructed the committee in charge of investigating the case to personally visit this private hospital and review its condition.

The family of the deceased twins has urged the authorities into taking decisive action against the private hospital for its utter negligence and blatant disregard as they simply did not try to save the life of the baby boy, which managed to live five hours on its own. A relative of the boy, Hamoud Al Harthi has told the media that the baby boy Salman, has now been laid to rest alongside his sister. He has also urged the Department of Health in Taif to complete their investigation quickly and to also publish their results. He fears that the investigations will take many weeks until it comes to a conclusion.

The Department of Health has closed down the privately owned hospital. The people believe that this has occurred due to the negligence and incompetence of the doctors. The spokesman for the Department of Health, Abdul Hadi Al Rabiee has stated that the investigation committee has also instructed all concerned authorities to stop any of the doctors involved in the incident from leaving the country and going abroad. The medical personnel at the private hospital tried their best to save the baby after it was discovered that he was alive, however the baby boy did not survive. The mother, who was 20 weeks pregnant, came into the hospital with major labor pains. She aborted two fetuses the very same day.

The case had been taken up by a gynecologist consultant on duty at the hospital. After the delivery the doctors found both twins to not show any sign of life. A pediatrician was also called in and he assessed the babies and confirmed that they were not alive. The hospital handed over the twins for burial, however while washing the body, the heart of the baby boy could be felt beating.

The mortician at the Al Abbas cemetery located in Taif told the family of the twins that he was shocked to see the baby shiver as water was poured upon his body and he could also feel his heart beat pounding. The man preparing the boy for burial informed the family who then rushed him to the hospital with the help of Red Crescent Volunteers. The boy was pronounced dead again a little while later.

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