Saturday, July 23, 2016

Do you know that You Can See Your Own White Blood Cells Flowing through Your Eyes?

If you are to look up at the blue sky for a long enough time, and keep focus and attention, you will be able to see miniscule little blue and white dots flashing around in the sky. This phenomenon has been so well known that it has gained the now popular nickname, blue sky sprites, however very few people actually know that they are white blood cells which are moving through your eyes. The White Blood Cells make up for a very small percentage of your blood, as little as a mere 1 percent. The Red blood cells which are floating in the plasma comprise of the bulk of your blood.  In our tiny little blood vessels which we have in our eyes, we do not see our blood in bulk. The cells proceed through the vessel one by one.

The red blood cells, block out all the light, particularly if it is blue light. The white blood cells however do not absorb light so well and hence they let the light pass through. When the blood vessels are strung over the receptor cells in your retina the red blood cells in the vessel block out the sun. However our brain can adjust to that and there is no problem, our brain simply works around it in order to not see any dark patches in our vision.  As the eye is adjusted, it is more prone to light, and the 1 percent of the time that a white blood cell passes through, the light is received and processed by the brain. Hence to the person, it looks like a tiny dot of blue or white light is moving through the sky or in their eyes. The unusual phenomenon is also an interesting one, however what is actually intriguing is how truly the scientists figured it out. As they could not, obviously, use human eyes, as anybody having their eyeballs prodded will not at all notice any blue dots in the sky.

  1. Firstly the researchers behind the uncovering of this phenomenon had noticed the motion and frequency of these blue white sky sprites. They then proceeded to look for other thin tissue in order to shine light through it. They got themselves a wing of a hibernating bat as well as the cremaster (the thin muscle which covers the testes) of a rat. After shining light through these, they spotted the movement of these sprites easily.
  2. After much research it was concluded that white blood cells were the root cause of this phenomenon. If you yourself want to see the famous blue sky sprites, you should go outside on a bright sunny day. Sit down and look straight up, however at a place which is well away from the sun. If you look at the sun directly for a long time it can have a harmful effect.
  3. Shortly after, tiny white dots will begin appearing in your sight. You will know them by their size, and also because they tend to travel along the same path which are the path of the blood vessels.
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