Wednesday, July 13, 2016

How to find a good job in Oil and Gas Sector in Saudi Arabia?

Where the media is heated up right now with the news of Saudi Arabia cutting down their state spending along with the oil prices rocketing towards the ground, the country has also thrown a good comeback by making an equal jump in the non oil economic growth. Hence it goes without saying that Saudi Arabia is one of the best places to work in the Gulf region. The scenario of employment in the country currently is a demonstration of the obvious fact that the economy is moving forward confidently and in great speeds, irrespective whether the main sector of the country is at an all time low. The current regime is making all the possible attempts to compensate for the losses in revenue occurred in the sector. If the current trend is to continue, it will not be long till the Kingdom is once again a world superpower in the oil and gas sector.

By considering the same, it is also expected that there will be job creation in the oil and gas sector; however the competition which is available in the other countries is also something which needs to be focused upon. Below are mentioned a few hacks which may help you easily attain an entry level oil and gas job in the Kingdom.
  • This applies to all fields and prospective jobs. You should be prepared for the new job by doing some research regardless of the position or field. You should aim to find out as much as possible about the job. You should also check out the top oil and gas companies in the Kingdom and research upon them.
  • Apart from research you can search for the latest employment trends in you related fields, which are happening all around the world, in the oil and gas sector. One should always keep in mind however that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is probably the biggest giant of OPEC, whose oil and gas industry is constantly evolving adding on new technologies etc. The employers in the Kingdom could be intrigued whether you are informed and up to date with the latest technologies etc in order to work with the global clients.
  • Though there might be several job opportunities in the sector of Oil and Gas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, there is also fast rising competition which has forced all of the employers into looking for a candidate or candidates who possess qualifications, certifications or both in the Oil and Gas Industry. They check the qualification and certification before they even consider you to be shortlisted amongst the other applicants.
  • You ought to get specialized in some sort of relevant heavy machinery operations, which will provide you with an easy way to prepare for the job, as well as gain some experience along with the qualification or certification. For example you can very easily get certification in the correct methodology of delivering pipes and pumps along with running a pressure truck.
  • The oil Industry all around the world has changed drastically over time. It is not longer a simple proves to get ordinary people and fill the vacant job positions. Several multinational corporations have found themselves needing to hire consultants or other external sources, in order to perform several business functions. Today outsourcing is a significant process in the Oil and Gas sector.
  • The engineering jobs in the oil and gas sector have usually been outsourced to several oil and gas companies. However there is no reason for you to give up or lose hope. There are a huge number of engineering firms which you could choose to associate yourself with and still work in the oil and gas field efficiently. You might be working on the payroll of the company that has outsourced this process, however these also include several entitlements and perks, which are equal to other oil and gas companies in the country, along with the same amount of growth prospect and exposure.
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