Friday, July 22, 2016

Playing “Pokemon Go” may cost you SR 300 in fines

Any motorist found to be playing the viral mobile game known as Pokémon Go, while driving on the roads of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, will be fined a monetary sum of SAR 300 according to the Traffic Department. Playing the Pokémon Go game, while you are driving, is a clear violation of the traffic laws, which will in turn incur a monetary fine of SAR 300. This was stated by Major General Abdullah Al Zahrani, the director general of the Eastern Province Traffic department.

Director General Al Zahrani stated that playing this Pokémon game will distract the driver, who may in turn cause harm to not only himself but also to other pedestrians and motorists on the road. Zahrani further added that no driver has yet been caught playing Pokémon Go while driving, however tickets for this particular violation will soon start being issued. He also stated that the other security agencies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have been fully authorized to issue any violation tickets to those drivers who are busy playing Pokémon Go. The people of Saudi Arabia have joined in on this new sensation of a game, which has become a phenomenon around the world, ever since its launch merely two weeks ago. The game has since been blames for numerous complaints in cities around the world along with crime waves as well as traffic violations.

A Pokémon Go player from Baltimore was caught on a body cameras crashing into a parked police car on Monday.  The driver of the vehicle showed his cell phone to the police officers, which showed that he was playing Pokémon Go. The driver also stated that that is what he got for playing the dumb game. The Pokémon Go game uses the GPS satellite location of your smart phone along with camera capabilities and graphics to create a real life augmented reality game by mixing graphics and the real world. The game also challenges players to train and capture these Pokémon for battles and status.

The CITC or Communication and Information Technology Commission has also issued a warning that Pokémon Go and some similar applications expose the geographical location of a player and their frequented routes as well. Back in 2001, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia banned the game as well as the cartoon of Pokémon. An official Fatwa was issued by the Higher Committee for Scientific Research and Islamic Law has now been renewed in lieu of this viral sensation that is literally taking over the world right now.

Some religious scholars have also stated that the Pokémon used symbolism such as triangles and crosses which are significant from Freemasons as well as Shintoism of Japan, which is based upon the belief of several Gods and not 1. Authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, along with Kuwait and the UAE have warned their citizens of the security risks associated with playing the Pokémon Go game.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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