Friday, July 29, 2016

Procedure to pay fine for Traffic Violations using Internet Banking

Saudi Traffic Police imposes different levels and kinds of fines on the residents of Saudi Arabia for traffic violations committed by them. We have already published a detailed article about the types and kinds of traffic violations in Saudi Arabia and it can be read in this link “List of Traffic Violations in Saudi Arabia”. In case you have been charged with the fine for a traffic violation, you should pay it as soon as possible to avoid any surcharge on it. I have heard that it is doubled after a certain period of time; however I have not experienced it yet. You can Check Traffic Violation under your Iqama from the website of MOI. The Procedure to pay fine for Traffic Violations using Internet Banking has been explained below. We are using the Internet Banking of Al Rajhi Bank but procedure is more or less same with every bank.

First of all, login to your Internet Banking Account. Locate for the icon of “payments” and click on the “SADAD” icon. Different options will appear from where you need to select “MOI Payments”.

A new window will appear with once again several options. Now you need to select the tab of “Traffic Violations” as shown in the attached screenshot.

In the new window, you will have to select “payment” in the transaction type and “query by civilian ID” in application ID. There is another box where you need to enter the iqama number of the violator of the traffic rules. There is another option of selecting “query by traffic violation ID” in the application ID. You can use this option if you want to pay fines for different traffic violations one by one.

As we have selected first option, so all the fines related to the given Iqama number has appeared on this screen. There were two fines for over-speeding. Just confirm the payment. System might send you a confirmation code to your mobile phone to confirm the payment.

Traffic Violations
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