Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Saudis with misspelled names which do not exist in Arabic Language

A large number of Saudi citizens have been currently officially registered on the database of the Ministry of Civil services, under names which have been either misspelled, or they entirely do not exist in the Arabic language. The various newspapers in and around the Kingdom are usually publishing articles and advertisements about the people changing their names either because they have become too old, or do not mean any importance to anybody. These people can very easily change their names by registering at the Ministry of Civil Services, which requires them to advertise the name change in the local newspapers. The spokesman for the Ministry of Civil Services, Mohammad Aljasier has stated that the officials require the parents of the child to pick and choose carefully for an appropriate name for the children. Under the laws of the Kingdom Compound names have become banned.

  • This is also the case of a 50 year old Saudi woman who has been called by the name Narjis for several years now, even though her real name is Ranjis. She has blamed her parents for making the mistake while they were registering her after she had been born. She had only found out later one day at school, that her name was in fact incorrectly registered, however she refuses to have it changed.
  • A grandmother, who has been known and called by her family as Kawkab, has been officially registered under the name Koka. This happened as her father had gone to the ministry and then pronounced her name in the local dialect, which was then copied like that by the official at the Ministry. She stated that she thinks the mix up of names is actually quite funny, due to the fact that the word Koka does not exist in the Arabic Language.
  • An official at the Ministry of Civil Services stated that a man had been registered officially under the name Ali Alwan, where as his children known him only as Ali.
  • Masooma is another woman who is now known by the name of Aseem. This is because her father went to the Ministry and had her registered as Aseem. She however decided to hold on to the name as she thinks it sounds better than Masooma.
  • One unique case also exists where the father of the child had forgotten the name that he had decided for is daughter Mona, and then proceeded to register her as Su’ad. Now people call her by both the names.
  • The same also happened with Zawan who is now commonly known as Rawan.
Well I cannot imagine my life without having my name as it is. Another thing which is or should be talked about is how the fathers of the newborns forgot the names of their newborn children. Secondly, people should keep names whose spellings and pronunciation the general public is fully aware of, in order to spare any and all unfortunate incidents which have been listed above.

Source: Arab News

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