Tuesday, July 19, 2016

SR 5 million - Maximum amount of Blood Money set in Najran

The Emir of Najran has now approved a proposal brought forward by the sheikhs of the tribes, which is aimed at setting a limit to blood money. A source has stated that the Emir of Najran, Prince Juluwi Bin Abdulaziz Bin Musaed has now approved a new procedure which is to be used when dealing with blood money in the cases of homicide. The new procedure which has approved will be including the maximum amount possible for blood money which can be settled out of court.

The new limit is to be set at SAR 5 million, where as the maximum amount of compensation for any injury which disables the person to be set at SAR 1 million. The source has also stated that the compensation for any injury which is less severe is to be set a maximum amount of SAR 500,000. The emir has also made it very clear that any violations will face legal penalties. A need to set the regulations on compensation and blood money was needed in order to get rid of the brokers from getting into the business of blood money.

The head of the Najran Reconciliation and Pardoning Committee, Hussain Al Hamad has stated that a subcommittee has recently been formed in order to monitor the monetary transactions on blood money. Al Hamad stated that in any case, the committee has not come across any amount of money which would seem too exaggerated or absurd. The average, and generally accepted amount of blood money is actually one of the lowest in comparison to any of the other provinces. Most of these cases are inter family issues. He also added that there are several inter family feuds and murders in Najran.

The family disputes over property and land often get escalated and heated up which result in murder. During the last two years, however, there have been only 10 cases of murder in which the families have requested to settle the case over blood money. The amounts for the blood money in these cases have ranged from SAR 500,000 all the way to SAR 8 Million. He additionally stated that there are several exchanges of blood money amounts, which are never reported to the committee. These unregulated exchanges of money for blood money can manage to reach up to SAR 30 million.

The Tribes of Najran have all supported these new regulations and have also even implemented penalties which can reach up to SAR 250,000. The matter of blood money is a very delicate situation, as one or both of the families have lost their loved ones and now are trying to negotiate under a way which has been allowed by Islam. In matters such as these it is important for it to be dealt with by family members only. This move allows the Tribes of Najran and other residents of Najran to cut out the brokers or middle men and deal between themselves in accordance to the regulations set by the committee.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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