Friday, July 1, 2016

Twin Saudi Brothers killed their Parents in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The Saudi citizens and residents of Riyadh woke up on Friday to the horrifying news of twin brothers who had killed their parents and also wounded a third brother. The family lived in the Hamra neighborhood of Riyadh. The local law enforcement agencies were successful in arresting the two murderer brothers who fled the scene of the crime in a car that they stole from an expatriate. The truth and any further details behind the motive of the horrifying attack is currently still unknown however the authorities are not ruling out terrorism just yet.

Some investigations have however revealed what actually went on inside the house on that dreadful night. It has been found that the twins somehow lured their unsuspecting mother to the storeroom where they proceeded to stab her numerous times. After that they proceeded to their father, who was in another part of the house, he too was stabbed numerous times. After this they chased down their youngest brother and stabbed him too. The twins used sharp knives and a cleaver that they had brought from outside the house.  The mother died instantly whereas the brother and father of the twins were moved to the Intensive Care Unit.

Spokesperson for the security authorities stated that they received a phone call at around 1 am on Friday, about a horrendous crime that had been committed by twins named Saleh Al Areeni and Khalid Al Areeni. The spokesperson added that the twins stabbed their own brother, mother and father, aged 22, 67 and 73 respectively, in their own home. The murderous twins were apprehended in Delm, an area located around 100 kilometers towards the south west of the city of Riyadh.

The Imam of the Al Muhaisan Mosque located in the Al Hamra neighborhood, stated that the two twins who are Daesh supporters did not even perform their daily obligatory prayers. He added that he remembers them coming to pray for about a week and that too was almost 6 months ago.  Imam of the Mosque, Othman Al Maney however also stated that the father of the twins was an extremely pious man who would be amongst the first to enter the mosque for prayers. He added that the mother of the twins is also a respectable and pious lady.

The Imam also then added that usually those under the blasphemed ideology of Daesh or ISIS, target the pious ones and those who know the real Islam. Whereas they attract those with little or no knowledge of Islam. This is because the learned and pious resist and oppose them where as the others join them. This news perhaps comes as an additional shock to similar news of a similar case which happened just last year in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. the Saudi Interior Police, just last year, had apprehended Saad Radi Ayash Al Anzi and his brother, who had allegedly together killed their cousin who had been a serving soldier, as well as three other people present at the scene.

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