Sunday, July 24, 2016

3 reasons your electricity bill for the month of June 2016 higher than average

The monthly electricity or power consumption bill (depending on where you live) is a vital component of the monthly budget. Anybody and everybody who has ever maintained a household budget knows that any sum exceeding the budgeted amount is definitely not something you want to happen. Well this is exactly what has happened to nearly quarter of the power consumers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia who have had this nightmare come true. I was unfortunately one of those who had a higher bill than I expected and boy oh boy was I unpleased, to say the least, about it. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, several people have faced a sudden rise their monthly electricity bills. Previously nobody knew why this sudden rise had taken place, however with some help it has been why this rise took place. If you want to find out, keep on reading.

  1. Keep in mind that electricity bill is paid on the basis of hijri calendar and not on the basis of Gregorian calendar. The consumption of electricity during the month of Ramadan is always higher than your normal consumption. If you just look at the consumption of last Ramadan bill, you will find almost same number of units consumed. Recommended: How to Check Electricity Bill Online?
  2. Saudi Electric Company has increased the tariff rates. Consumers with average consumption of 2,000 kwh are not affected by the new tariff rates. The rate charged for first 2,000 electricity units is only SR 0.05. So, first 2000 units are only charged with SR 100. But if you consume next 1000 units, your electricity bill will be SR 200 as per unit cost of the next 2000 units is SR 0.10. Recommended: Electricity Tariff Rates in Saudi Arabia
  3. Saudi Electric Company has also increased the tariff rates for commercial consumers. Many domestic users don’t even know that they have been paying a bill of commercial consumer. You can find which kind of bill you are paying if you just read your electricity bill properly. My uncle used to pay SR 150 per month and suddenly his bill jumped to SR 1,200. Later on I figured out that he was paying a bill of commercial consumer rather domestic consumer. Check point number 8 in this link “A Guide to read and understand your Saudi Electricity Bill
We sincerely Hope that you were not one of those people with a higher power consumption rate than usual, or were not too surprised to see your new tariffs and monthly consumption rates. Let us know if you have ever received any ridiculously high amount for your monthly power consumption bill. It does happen you know.

Source: Arab News

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