Thursday, July 21, 2016

Why watches are set to the same time during in all the advertisements?

Have you ever wondered why it is that all of the watches in the watch adverts are always set at the same time, all the time? There is a very high probability that you would have never noticed this fact, which means that the advertisers or watch companies have done their jobs adequately. If you are to look at any of the promotional material or advertisements of a watch, you will probably now notice that the watch has been set to the time 10:10. If you search for a watch on any platform i.e. Google, Amazon etc. you will notice hat amongst the thousands and thousands of pictures of watches, hardly any, if any, are going to be set at a different time than 10:10.

There is a very good reason for this strange and unique fixation to the 10:10 time. As was revealed in an article in the New York Times, the watch hand are positioned in this time as it will look nice and accentuate the logo and brand of the watch. Since the majority of the brand logos are set at the top of the face of the watch, setting the time on the watch to 1:20 or 12:05 will cover up the logo or brand. Of course you can also flip it around and set the time to 4:40 and keep the hands completely away from the logo or brand name of the watch. However it has been stated by the head of advertising and marketing at Ulysse Nardin, Susanne Humi that setting the time at that specification will not look as appealing as the 10:10 time to the consumers. Susanne added that when the hands of the watch are facing up, the face of the watch can resemble a smiley face.

Unless you are willing to have all of your products frowning upon any and all potential customers, either through the pages of a catalogue or in a shop, it is generally a bad idea to keep the watch hands facing downwards, anywhere in the bottom half of the watch face. Some other watches brands seem to get even more particular or finicky. The watch brand Timex has always photographed their watches, having a time set to 10:09:36 (talk about details).

By leaving the second hand slightly off track or to the side, it prevents any dials or branding in the bottom half of the watch face from getting blocked or obscured. Timex swears by this time period so much that they also use this same time in their handless or digital watches.

Hence it is advisable that if you are willing to sell a watch, you should set it to a time of 10:10 for a picture which would look better than all others. Even if you are not planning on selling your watch, you will never be able to see a watch picture or advertisement the same way as you will always notice the same time.

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