Friday, July 22, 2016

Why you should never let anyone kiss your baby on the lips?

It is in the nature of the majority of the parents to do everything in their power and more, in order to protect their children, especially a newborn child. However several people have seemed to forget how their children would be acting and behaving when they were just little children.  You might have experienced a confusing situation, when your friends (married and with children) say that their children have a cold, however it is nothing major, and they will be coming over to visit you and your child. One more common unpleasant occurrence is when you take your child or children to play in the park, and then you see few kids playing with your children who have a cough and also green snot running down from their nose at full speed.

There may be times when you are having a dinner with another family and they come over with children who are either sick, or recovering from an illness, which is still spreadable by them to your children. When you are hearing the other parents tell you that their children are not well or are just starting to recover from an illness, and you are most likely getting extremely paranoid. The first thought in your mind is definitely to tell the parents that if your child is not well, is sick or is recovering, please do not come to a public park to play and make the other kids sick, stay at your home and most importantly, do not kiss or hug my children.

Some people might be thinking that the parents are just simply being over protective. However you should pay them no heed, as you are 100 percent right. Ill people must not come in close proximity to young children. Under no circumstances would you want these ill people to start spreading their germs all over the house and near your children who can then attack them, which will then make them sick which you most definitely do not want.

Just think about it, if your kid does get sick, then you will have to stay home and take care of your child, missing out on work. Additionally it is highly possible that you yourself will also get sick. Even though this doesn’t sound like being anything serious, some new mothers can be extremely over paranoid with their children. Even though most of them have realized that they cannot keep their children in a bubble forever, they will run them to the doctors every 5 minutes, or with every little change in temperature, stool, skin color etc.

You ought to know however that some paranoid moms can be rightly paranoid. We will now tell you the story of a mom from the UK, Claire Henderson, and her infant daughter Brooke. According to her, the baby had been kissed on the mouth by somebody and then developed a herpes infection on her chin, lips and cheeks which caused her to stay hospitalized for 5 days.

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