Thursday, July 14, 2016

Women need to sleep more than Men - Science Proves

The women seem to require additional periods of time of sleeping in comparison to the men, because of their highly complex brains. Several scientists who are experts in the field have found out that time duration of around 20 minutes of extended sleep is definitely needed by the women, in comparison to the men. The scientists also stated that this seemed to be so, according to them, because the female brain is working harder than the brain of the man, during the day. The study by these scientists had been carried out on a sizeable sample set of 210 men and women who were middle aged.

One of the most vital and key functions which sleep allows is the recovery and repair of the brain. This statement was made by Jim Horne, who is a sleep expert and was formerly the director of the Sleep Research Center at the Loughborough University. Jim Horne stated that during the deep sleep period of our sleep cycle, the cortex, or that part or portion of the brain which is responsible for thought memory, language and other things of the sort, sort of goes off line or disconnects from the senses and then goes into recovery mode. Professor Horne also stated that the total amount of sleep has been necessitated by the intensity and the complexity of the activity of the brain during the daytime hours. The professor added that the more parts or more of your brain you will use during the day, the more recovery time it will need during the night hours, which will consequently result in more sleep, which you will need.

The women tend to be always multi tasking. At any given time they are doing a lot of things and are quite flexible. This allows them to use much more of their brain during the day than their male counterparts. It is because of this mere fact that the women are in greater need of proper sleep and more hours of sleep. Professor Horne has stated that in average, the women tend to sleep 20 minutes more than the men; however some of the women may need a slightly longer or shorter time period than 20 minutes.

He also added that however, those men who have various complex jobs which are involving a lot of decision making and constant thinking will also most likely find themselves sleeping more than the average male, or the average male sleeping hours.  The study by Professor Horne and his team has also found that poor sleeping patterns or cycle amongst the women is what is linked to several negative side effects. These may include a high level of psychological distress and also a heightened feeling of depression, hostility and also anger.

This was however only found amongst the women who had a poor sleeping cycle or pattern, and not amongst the men who have the same or similar sleeping cycles or routines.

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