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10 Mistakes which should be avoided at Iftar during Ramadan

Dr. Khaled Al-Madani, vice president for the Saudi Association for Nutritional sciences and a very well-known nutritionist, explains that these minor mistakes made by people while breaking their fast can cause excessive burden on the body. During the month of Ramadan every human body shifts to a different routine which is not similar to normal days. Moreover, fasting being spiritually beneficial is also very good for the body as fasting helps to detoxify the body. It also provides a good opportunity to the digestive tract to rest. Following the below guideline at Iftar can also help to minimize the chances of stomach problems in the month of Ramadan.

  1. During the month of Ramadan, every Muslim observes fasting and tries to make the most of the time by worshipping Allah. Excessive smoking, over eating and lack of intake of fiber rich fruits causes a number of problems for people at the time of iftar.
  2. He further added that many people make silly mistakes like drinking too much water or drinks before eating anything while the stomach is empty. Eating of oily food specially fried items leads to gastronomical problems. Many people stuff themselves up till throat than they find breathing very difficult and this leads to acidity issues.
  3. He elaborates that many chain smokers break their fast with tobacco and smoking cigarette. He condemns smoking and declares smoking as a very harmful activity for the body particularly at the time of Iftar.
  4. He suggested that people should break their fast with fruits and vegetables as they contain rich amount of fiber. Consuming fried and too oily food at the iftar increases the chances of constipation.
  5. Water intake during Ramadan should be increased but not at the time of breaking fast.
  6. Use of oats and brown rice and brown bread should be maximized and frozen food items should be avoided.
  7. He said, intake of fizzy drinks made from soda at the time of Iftar can cause indigestion. Instead of soda one must drink plain water or fresh fruit juice.
  8. People should follow the same exercise routine in the month of Ramadan. A small walk comprising of 10 to 15 minutes after Iftar is very healthy for the body.
  9. Patients of Diabetic and blood pressure should adopt a more serious attitude towards maintaining better health in Ramadan. They must avoid heavy and rich desserts and should not consume food that contains sufficient amount of salt. They should consume more and more fruits and vegetables and should stick to fresh juices and fruit salads. Such people should eat simple and less oily food.
  10. According to Dr. Khaled Al-Madani, an iftar should start with 2 dates and a cup of luke warm water. Low fat milk or yogurt can be taken followed by a liquid vegetable soup or chicken broth. He said that people take dinner along with iftar, instead they should have dinner after they come back from Taraweeh. Eating dates and light fruit salad is perfect to be taken at the iftar.
Source: Arab News

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