Thursday, August 4, 2016

10 Natural Treatment to avoid Farting in the Public

The accumulation of gas in the alimentary canal is known as flatulence and the process of passing flatulence through back passage is known as farting. Farting is sometimes laughed about but still excessive flatulence is shameful and is also a disease. The flatus is the result of fermentation of food in the GI Track (Gastrointestinal tract). The intestinal gas is a combination of different gases like carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and methane. Following steps could be taken to avoid flatulence:

  1. The foods which are rich in starch or carbohydrates should be avoided. As starch when digested leads to production of gases and bad smell is due to presence of ammonia in these gases.
  2. Avoid carbonated drinks as these also causes intestinal gas as the main ingredient of these drinks is liquid mixed in carbon dioxide. Excessive or daily use of carbonated drinks leads to digestive problems results into flatulence.
  3. Avoid Sugar based foods like candies, toffees, chocolates because these contain high sugars. Intestinal gas is the result of breakdown of these sugars in our gut. 
  4. Enzymes or supplements should be used to avoid gas. These enzymes or supplements help the ingested food to breakdown easily and thus producing lesser or no gas.
  5. Those people who are facing the problem of flatulence must use such foods which are easier to digest like yogurt, soya sauce and pickles/pickled vegetables.
  6. Bionic tea or ginger tea is also a good tool to simplify the ingestion process. The best way to use ginger tea is a small cup before meal. It improves the digestive system and the food is ingested faster.
  7. The use of the products containing Simethicone is also useful in the relief of discomfort and pain caused by the production of intestinal gas.
  8. Fennel tea is also a safer herb which is being used for more than thousand years in china and other countries like India and Arab countries. The seeds of fennel tea contain volatile oil which is responsible for better digestion.
  9. The use of activated charcoal is very helpful in the preventing smelly intestinal gas. The charcoal tablets are easily available as over the counter drugs. The charcoal tablets absorbs in stomach making foam like substance which not only prevents the flatus but also absorbs the toxic produced in the stomach during digestion process.
  10. Lastly the smoking and chewing gum also leads to flatulence because it makes them swallow more air than usual and because it animates the digestive system.
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