Friday, August 19, 2016

10 Things Boys think when Girls don’t text them back

As everyone is addicted to mobile phones nowadays, texting is a very common mode of communication. People from all age groups use the message applications to maintain connections with friends, relatives and partners. According to various studies, texting may create problems for people as it lacks face to face interaction. But on the other hand there are many useful applications that help you to connect with people all around the world.

  1. She better be dead: This doesn’t sound pleasant at all but in many cases when boys don’t receive text message replies, they tend to act shitty, thinking that the girl has either choked down or died.
  2. Don't send a follow-up text ... don't send a follow-up text ... don't send a follow-up text: These words become the mantra that helps you to kick down the conversation before it gets started because you know that you will not be responded from the girl’s side.
  3. Maybe she didn't get my text?: This is the most common thought that appears as one think that texting again and again with the same message will not help to convince the person on the other side.
  4. Is this a mind game?: She is very clever and wants to test my patience level or maybe she is not in a mood to start the conversation and waiting for the right time.
  5. Screw this; I'm just going to do whatever: Majority of boys has in-born habit of throwing things when encounter failure or rejection in life. They may throw their cell phone somewhere to get over the idea of texting back or looking for a reply. Surprising, they will devote 90 percent of their time thinking about you and a reason that why you didn’t reply them.
  6. Oh, I have a text, maybe it's from her: Ting ting! A text message is received. The moment he saw this he assumed that it’s your message and he smile with a grin but sadly it’s not you and this entices him more towards texting you again.
  7. Maybe I did something wrong? This is the limit as he had not been in contact with you for the past 8 hours. He is really worried and thinks that his action has made you sad. This is the moment when he realizes that you are no more serious towards this relationship and he deems on.
  8. WHAT DID I DO AM I A MONSTER? Now waiting the whole day, he is off to bed, but he is missing his sleep as he starts analyzing his last conversation with you so that he can spot the flaws.
  9. Should I try calling? He thinks he should give a call now but since it’s too late and there is no emergency it wouldn’t be a good idea to disturb her.
  10. If she's not responding, then neither should I: So, she must be busy and I should take a follow up next morning.
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