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11 Major Attractions in and around Taif

The city of Taif is located within the surroundings of Makkah, Saudi Arabia. It is famous as the “city of colors”. It is situated on top of the mountains Al Sarawat, whose height is around 1,700 meters. Honey and grapes are in abundance in the region. It is a very important asset for the country’s agriculture with a population of 521,273. The city is a very important tourist site during the summers, not only for the foreigners but also for the Arabs. During the 6th century, it had the idol of Al-lat, the Lady of Taif. The place is very significant religiously. Its climate is best for fruits, vines, and wheat. It is a fruitful country and best for agriculture thus the name “the Garden of Hijaz” is given to Taif.

11 Major Attractions in and around Taif
  1. Okaz Souk: It is an open air market or Souq. It was a common meeting place for Arabs to have social, political or commercial gatherings, to discuss, religious talks, poetry and prose competitions, and races. The remains of the building were of basaltic stone.
  2. Rock carving sites: This place was located 40kms to the North of Taif. It was a site of Okaz Souk, the largest and the most known place for gatherings.
  3. Turkish fort: The ruins of the fort are a historical attraction located off the highway of Al Muwayh Al Qadima. In 1917, it is believed that the Lawrence of Arabia fought a battle over here. Many graves can also be found here.
  4. Al Rudaf Park: It is a large natural park which is located to the South of Taif. The weather is beautiful and there are magnificent trees lying in clusters, giant rocks and dancing fountains at night. Recommended: Dancing Fountains in Al Rudaf Park, Taif Saudi Arabia
  5. Al Shafa: This is a small village rich in agriculture production, located at the top of the beautiful Sarawat mountainns. For those in love with adventure can have a camel ride over there. There are huge fruit gardens of Taif here and the view is amazing.
  6. King Fahad zoo: It is among the oldest parks in Taif with a wide variety of animals and birds. This surely is the best site for tourists.
  7. Al Hada Mountain: Meaning of Al Hada is tranquility and so it is a nature’s natural gift to Taif. It is an excellent place to view sunset from over the mountain.
  8. MUSEUMS IN TAIF: Museums are also among the interesting sites for tourists who want to explore the culture, living style and ancient things from the past. Following are some famous museums in Taif:
  9. The Green Village Museum: this place has Tourist Park and over 20,000 remains of ancient heritage including guns, swords, armor, bows, historical currency and ancient coins. It had display of some of the property of Saudi Royal Family, crafts, jewelry and clothing.
  10. The National Museum: This is the largest and the most beautiful of all the other museums in Taif. It has almost more than 30,000 artifacts. It has piece of variety of antique heritage, collectibles from past decade, photographs, ancient manuscripts, stone carvings, arms and ammunitions, and ancient art and crafts. The place has a very pleasant climate and good collection of jewelry, teapots, and leather goods.
  11. Shubra Palace Museum: this one of the oldest museums had more than 4000 pieces of ancient collectibles.
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