Friday, August 5, 2016

3 Causes of Morning Erection among Men and what if you don’t experience it?

Not all but many sexually mature men wake up in the morning with an erection. There are many names of this erection like “woody,” “stiffy,” or “hard-on,” and so many other names as well. Scientific and non-scientific studies have been carried out on the causes of this erection in morning i.e. Morning Erection, but nothing is proved as of now. However, the morning erection is quite common, normal and natural also.  Erection is the cause of blood rush into the penis. This could be due to some stimuli which cause erection but in mature men this erection could be due to many following causes:

  1. Activities of Brain during Sleep or Rapid Eye Movement (REM): Men normally experience 4 types of or stages of REM sleep each night. Erections occur during REM sleeps are normally carried over into morning. Mostly the lifelike dreams occur during this stage of sleep which can often cause physical reactions, such as an erection. Some types of neuro-reflexes that are stimulated during REM sleep are also the cause of these spontaneous erections that occur, and the morning erections are the tail end of such reflexes. As REM happens at the end of the sleep cycle, a man could experience the physical effects of it even when he fully wakes up.
  2. Urine retention/Full Bladder: Urine retention during the night is the main cause of full bladder, as the urine fills the urethra the penis becomes hard and thus erects. On this basis, there is a theory that the erection is a signal for men to wake up and empty the bladder in the morning.
  3. Use of ED (Erectile Dysfunction) Medicines: Erectile dysfunction (ED) medicines like Viagra can cause morning erections. Such kind of medications can cause morning erections if they are taken the night prior to sexual activity. Also these erections are more common in men taking drugs than in those who don’t use these drugs. Always keep in mind that there is no reason to take ED (erectile dysfunction) medicines simply to give you a morning erection, as the morning erections are not indicator of penis function or dysfunction.
What if You Don’t Experience Morning Erection?
A recent study has shown that there is a decline in the morning erection as one’s age grows. Men experience more frequent morning erections in the young age, but as they age these numbers begin to drop off. Some studies have also found a general decrease in rigidity and the length of time of the erection. The lack of morning erection is accompanied by the lack of erection overall, it could be a physical rather than psychological cause. Another reason could be the testosterone increase or decrease. One should consult his doctor, if have concerns about noticeable changes in the morning erections and their frequency. There are many causes which lead to morning erections, especially things like the length and quality of your night sleep. Also the changes in morning erections like decrease or lack of them don’t necessarily mean there is a serious problem.

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