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5 Untold Stories of Love between Saudi Sponsors and their Housemaids

Behind the walls of the houses in Saudi Arabia, there are heartwarming stories about the humans that inhabit the place which reflects the special bond between the domestic workers and the families who employ them. These stories are abundant however they are seldom told. Relating to such stories only recently, some of the maids could not control their emotions while they expressed the immense generosity shown towards them by their sponsors, or the many pleasant surprises that they had encountered during their work. Somedays ago, a maid of Indonesian nationality had attracted a huge amount of attention on various social media platforms after she shared a video from inside her own house which she had built with the salary that she had received in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. You can watch this video below.


Heartwarming video of an Indonesian housemaid who filmed her house and sent it to her Saudi ex-employer. The house was built after saving enough money through years of work in ‪Saudi Arabia‬  Addressing her ex-employer as 'baba'/dad she says: “Peace be upon you dad. I have my own house now. This is the sitting room. That is the street and that is the garden. This is the small kitchen. Thanks for everything, dad.”

Naema, an Ethiopian maid could not control her emotions after her employer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia held a ceremony in her honor after she memorized a part of the Holy Quran. Several users of the social media platform, Twitter, had shared a video from Yanbu of an employer talking about his maid. The video showed the employer insisting to throw the maid a party in order to honor her achievement. Once the maid came to know about the ceremony she cried tears of joy.

Another incident showcased the bravery of one Filipino maid after she successfully saved the two children of her employer, last year, when a huge snake had entered into their home located in the Al Dilimi Village, towards the north of Bisha. The head of the family stated that the children had been in the kitchen when the Snake entered the house. The brave maid immediately took the children out of the house and then went back in and managed to kill the snake.

In another story, a Saudi citizen Salah Sioufi spoke about the care that his family had given to a maid over the period of 19 years. This video truly showcased the deep bond and relationship that develops between the domestic worker and their employer. In the video Sioufi states that Nora, the maid, had been working for another sponsor; however she woke one morning to find that some sort of paralysis had affected her hand and feet.  The original sponsor had done most of the necessary procedures in order to send her back to her home country; however Sioufi’s family asked him to transfer the sponsorship of the maid on to their name and then continued to care for her.

A Saudi citizen residing in Qasim had surprised his maid, by cancelling the legal proceedings which he had filed against her, when he came to know that she had embraced Islam.  Even though the maid had defamed the sponsor on media outlets in her country as well as social media and also confessed to the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution that she stole money from the house of the sponsor, he withdrew all legal cases against her.
Source: Arab News

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