Wednesday, August 24, 2016

5 Years Jail for Filming Traffic Accidents in Saudi Arabia – Emirates News

An accident is an undesirable, coincidental and unplanned occasion that can be kept avoided, depending upon the reorganization of a mischance former to its event. It is also called unintentional injury. A large number of researchers who ponder over unintentional damage, stay away from utilizing the haul "accident" and concentrate on factors that expand danger of extreme harm and that diminish harm occurrence and seriousness. Emirates News has published that an Arabic daily newspaper "Alsadda" reported on Sunday that people filming accidents, involving casualties, could be jailed up to five years and fined SR 500,000 in Saudi Arabia. ‘Alsadda’, Arabic dialect, cited a famous Saudi legal lawyer who states new laws authorized in the Gulf kingdom on daily basis. According to him, the Kingdom bans the shooting of mishaps on streets or in the ocean and in air, or such different mishaps that prompt losses.

Nayef Kharboush said that “Filming such mishaps in total aggregate negligence of the setbacks, is a serious violation about protection. This is an offense incorporated in the Information Technology criminal law. “People included in such offences could be imprisoned up to five years of long time and also fined up to SR 500,000. In some cases they can get punishment.” There is a similar case in LORAIN, Ohio. A man who saw the scene of a deadly mishap auto crash, didn’t attempt to save the victims, who were both in their teens, and didn’t help them. Instead, he started shooting the scene on his mobile.

It is important to mention here that here we are talking about those incident involving deaths, injuries and bloodshed. It is not appropriate in that situation to take pictures and videos of the victims and share it on social media. I think a better approach is to help them out and try to minimize the damage. When you are taking pictures of victims, obviously you are doing it without their permission. In case they take an action against it, you will be in trouble. Although the source of the news is unreliable, but still I would strongly suggest you to be careful. A little mistake can cause you a long term jail and a hefty fine.

After a Honda vehicle flew over railroad tracks and crashed in to a house, that man filmed the fallout on his mobile’s camera. This scene happened in Lorain, Ohio, which is 30 miles away from Cleveland. Others who were in the range attempted to help and get to the teens, but he didn’t present any aid.  He went straight in, after the crash, preceding the consideration of the helpers.  A witness, who exists on the road where the mishap occurred, said that she was attempting to rescue the casualties and saw him shooting.

He opened a secondary passage and leaned in to film the young men and then strolled around to the front entryway concerning illustration he proceeded recording. He didn’t attempt to help the boys.  This act of an individual is not very good and inhumane not only in the Kingdom but worldwide. Such incidents need to stop which is why Saudi Arabia passed a law regarding the issue so that such filmers are fined. They need to pay a handsome amount of money so that next time they avoid such acts. This is therefore completely banned in the kingdom. Nationals are permitted and energized to assist each other in emergencies assuming that they can do it safely, and provide help or protection to any injured or dying person. This is praiseworthy and a compassionate act. 

Source: Emirates 247

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