Friday, August 19, 2016

€10,000 damages to be paid by a Husband for not having enough sex with his ex-wife

As ordered by the court, a Frenchman was fined under article 215 of France‘s civil code, for his lack of interest toward his marriage and so lack of sex and satisfying his wife. The Court demanded the husband to pay €10,000 to his wife as a penalty of not having enough sex with her during their married life. The husband is 51 year old man who did not fulfill his role as a loyal husband and he failed to share a communal life with his partner. Due to such similar cases in the past, the judge passed a new rule, according to which every couple must maintain close sexual relations, as this constitute the major part of the marriage.

The ex-wife told the media that she was going through this tough phase for a very long time.  Later she filed a divorce, almost two years ago. She also condemned her husband as his lack of attention towards her lead to their breakup. He was never willing to be open to her in bedroom, they never spent time together and he will always refuse to have any activity, as told by her. She further said that she waited for two years to get the legal justified decision. The husband on the other side refuses to accept the court’s decision. He told the police that his wife was cheating on him and all the said things were fake and false. But the judge from the southern France looked into the matter and found that the husband was responsible for the divorce. The husband named, Jean-Louis B was soul responsible for his unromantic behavior towards his ex-wife.

The 47 year old ex-wife was not satisfied with her husband and demanded the court to provide her justice and she also demanded 10,000 Euros from her husband. She appealed the court that her husband should be taken to task for ruining 21 years of her life. She waited everyday for the day when her husband will love her and devoted her precious youthful years for her husband who never fulfilled her demands.

According to his ex-husband, he was always so occupied with office work that his tiredness and health related issues never allowed him to enjoy his marital life with his wife. The husband also added that his deteriorating health condition prevented him to be less open to his wife in bedroom. He tried to develop a strong bond but never got enough time due to excessive work load.

In the court, the judge after listening to the husband’s excuses, rejects all his irrelevant statements and ordered him to pay the fine as soon as possible. The judge stated that husbands and wives should mutually develop a sexual relationship as it creates an expression of love and affection that makes every marriage successful and the one who fails to do so should pay for it.

Source: Telegraph

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