Tuesday, August 2, 2016

9 Common reasons of terminating Domestic Workers in Saudi Arabia

Domestic workers are subjected to immediate termination if they are suspected with any of the given reasons.
  1. Persistent sickness or disease: If the domestic worker fails to keep him/her self free from any viral or long lasting ailment, the employer has the authority to terminate the worker. Therefore the domestic workers are required to clear certain medical tests before signing the job contract. Mostly the cases reporting the termination of the domestic workers occur due to the persistent ailment  on the part of employer which means that his/her condition was effecting  his/her daily duties and responsibilities.
  2. Abuse: If any of the domestic workers is found guilty of using abusive language with the employer, the laws permits the employer to fire the domestic worker right away without being sympathetic towards him/her. Moreover if the domestic worker is caught abusing her/his employer and their friends and family, they are taken to task by the employer.
  3. Fraud and misinformation: If the domestic helper lies and tries to fool the employer by allowing someone to misrepresent on her behalf he/she can be terminated right away by the employer without any prior notice. This kind of fake information or fraud can lead to the termination of the worker.
  4. Employers shifting from the country: If the employer decides to leave the country, he/she has to cut short the contract signed with the domestic helper by paying him compensation.
  5. Use of household personal appliances without permission: If a domestic worker is caught red handed using personal belongings of the employer, the worker would be fired immediately for not seeking permission from the employer. The household worker has no right to use anything that belongs to the employer without prior permission.
  6. Robbery or Stealing: No employer will accept the criminal attitude on the part of the domestic worker. If any worker is found guilty of stealing some valuable assets, then the employer holds the authority to dismiss the domestic worker right away while informing the concerned authorities so that he does not do the same with any other employer.
  7. Inappropriate or rude behavior: The domestic worker should not pick up useless arguments with the employer as this can result in his/her termination from the job .The employer will never accept any inappropriate behavior on the part of domestic worker. He will kick him/her out from the employment without any delay.
  8. Female Jealousy: It has been observed that female employers want to adopt male domestic workers as this reduces the chance of extra martial affairs on the part of men. If any domestic worker is caught while making out with the male employer, the female employer terminates such workers at the speed of light.
  9. Language Barrier: In many cases language becomes the big barrier between the employer and domestic worker. Due to this barrier both face a lot of difficulty to understand each other. For example the grandparents are unable to speak English language whereas the maid fails to speak Cantonese.
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