Tuesday, August 9, 2016

9 Tips to protect yourself from online frauds in Saudi Arabia

Internet scammers are growing in number day by day. Everyone around, especially the expats, are victims to these internet frauds and scams. Even educated individuals like doctors and engineers are fooled by these fake fraud campaigns, duping some renowned companies and schemes. People; as a result, lose their precious time, money and effort. Internet frauds and scams are of various types. It is not only limited to scam emails. Following are few of them:

  • Lottery tickets and prizes
  • Bogus quick immigration opportunities
  • Fake job offers and calls
  • Fake online and cheap degree programs
  • Investment schemes with huge profits
  • Unexpected courier packages
It is very difficult to distinguish between real and fake offers. Once you fall victim to these frauds, you won’t be able to trust someone again. These fraud investment schemes, admissions, and lottery prizes are very common. Following few, very basic steps will help you distinguish between the two so that you can catch the fraud and protect yourself and others from the trap.

  1. Do not blindly follow attractive advertisements for money investment, which will double your money or provide you with huge profits in a short time which demands you to first invest a handsome amount. Once the amount is paid, they no more exist and your money is lost.
  2. Do not fall prey to job calls and interviews which claim to be famous companies, if you have posted your details online for job search. These are all fake and fraud. They will ask you for refundable Visa fee in order to proceed. Once you pay these so called renowned companies, they vanish.
  3. Always do some research about the organization/firm/scheme. Search for the institute with words like “scam” to find out if there are complaints from others on the internet about the fraud or not.
  4. Never give your personal information on the internet unless it is an official page. Details like credit card number and email password should not be leaked on unofficial websites. Check for the website link. It should have https instead of HTTP, showing that it is secure.
  5. When you use your debit card, make sure there is a limited amount in it only to prevent yourself from a huge loss in case of its misuse. Moreover, don’t pay on suspicious websites. I always use my credit card with well-known websites or to those websites where PayPal is used as a medium of payment.
  6. Check for language and grammatical mistakes in the email. Usually, these scams use low-quality language with spelling and grammatical errors. No genuine company would do that.
  7. Read reviews from previous students about an institute and check recognitions.
  8. Always put international purchase limit on your credit cards and use “OTP on mobile” option instead of master card or visa secure password
  9. Never pay anybody to give you a job or for claiming any prize. The company needs to pay you and not vice versa.
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