Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A list of 15 Bookstores in and around Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

  1. Jarir Bookstore: This is the mega book store where you can search for your favorite book as well as all the gadgets that can boost the reading abilities.
    • Web:, Tel: 920000089
    • Locations:
      • Jarir Mall, Tahliya St., Al Rehab Dist.
      • Jamea Plaza, Al Jamiah Dist.
      • Jarir Mall, Prince Sultan Rd.
      • Palestine St., Bani Malik
      • Prince Majed Rd , Al Safa Dist.
      • Sari St., Al Salamah
  2. Virgin Megastore: This is another amazing spot where you can easily find all versions of novels, stationary, reading gadgets and gift items.
    • Web:, Tel # 920008582
    • Locations:
      • Red Sea Mall, King Abdul Aziz Road., Al Shatea Dist.
      • Roshana Mall, Tahliya St.
  3. Obeikan: This place is best if you are searching for Arabic literature and Islamic books.
    • Tel: +966-12-6123542
    • Location: Mall of Arabia, Madinah Road
  4. Maktaba Al Fanoos: This place deals in variety of supplies for design and art’s student. It’s famous for having the best variety of bags including laptops bags and other stationary items.
    • Web:
    • Location: Souq Al Shatea., King Abdulaziz Rd.
  5. Nobel Bookstore: It’s a huge building which provides the best quality stationary items, creative and cool contemporary notebooks and sci-tech educational gadgets.
    • Location:
      • Al Naseem Dist.
      • Al Zahra Dist.
  6. Mirza Library: It has the variety of art and office supplies, stationary items and bags.
    • Web:
    • Tel:+966-12-6701958
    • Location: Sabaeen St., before the crossing of Falasteen Rd.
  7. Afnan Bookstore: This bookstore provides all kinds of texts books and academic books that cater the primary and secondary level learning. They are known to have the latest collection of all the subject related books.
    • Location: Odaba St., Al Aziziyah Dist.
  8. Fursan Bookstore: They provide school books for the grades.
    • Tel: +966-12-6711713
    • Location: Sabaeen St., Al Aziziyah Dist.
  9. IQ Bookstore: This bookstore is very attractive as it contains a wide variety of comic books, novels, and office and school supplies and toys and book gadgets for kids.
    • Location: Sahafa St., Al Aziziyah Dist.
  10. Konooz Al Marefa Bookstore: This bookstore caters to the needs of all Arabic readers. It contains an extensive variety of school, college and university books.
    • Tel: +966-12-6514222
    • Location: King Fahd Rd., Al Sharafeyyah Dist.
  11. Medical Book Center: As the name tells, this book store comprises of medical books and related journals. This is the best store for the medical university students.
    • Tel: +966-12-6870080
    • Location: Al Jameah Dist.
  12. Maktaba Omar Al Deiny: This bookstore deals in academic books that are used by Indian Embassy schools particularly.
    • Tel: +966-12-6750595
    • Location: Moalifeen St., Al Rehab Dist.
  13. Tihama Bookstores: This place offers a huge variety of magazines, kids coloring and crafting books.
    • Locations:
      • Andalus St., Al Hamra Dist.
      • Jamjoom Center, Falasteen St.
      • Al Khalidiyah Dist.
  14. Rawaea Al Maktabat: It’s the best spot for stationary lovers.
    • Location: Prince Sultan St.
    • Tel: +966-12-6612126
    • Instagram: stationery_fantasies
  15. Al Khazindar Bookstore: This is the best destination to find the wide variety of academic books, art and school supplies.
    • Location: Madinah Rd.
    • Tel: +966-12-6825052

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