Friday, August 26, 2016

Category: Latest News – Health Care

Latest News – Health Care
  1. Saudi Government opens Government Hospitals for Expats living in Saudi Arabia
  2. First Ever Liver Transplant in Saudi Arabia performed in Saudi German Hospital
  3. How 5 Infants died overnight in a Hospital in Baha, Saudi Arabia?
  4. King Fahad Hospital Jeddah removes scissors from Child’s Brain
  5. Patient Died due to negligence as Hospital Hides condition of Cancer Patient for 5 Years
  6. Can you imagine Saudi hospitals without Filipino nurses?
  7. Hospital stole my kidney during operation after car accident – Saudi Boy realized after 2 years
  8. Hospital demands SR 400,000 from Saudi daughter for the checkup of her Expat Father
  9. 5 months Old Baby Girl died due to shortage of Hospital Beds
  10. Medical Error by Soliman Fakeeh Hospital Jeddah: Mother rejects SR 2.4 million compensation
  11. Sex Correction Surgeries are on the rise in Jeddah Hospitals
  12. Families thrown away 400 patients to Taif Mental Hospital
  13. Fine of SR 500,000 to the Hospital who infected a Girl with HIV AIDS


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