Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Check traffic violations under UAE Driving License online

We have already shared the procedure to convert UAE driving License into Saudi Driving license. One of the requirements to convert UAE driving license into Saudi Driving license is to get an NOC from UAE traffic police. While, I am not sure about how to get this NOC from UAE traffic police, I can guide you about the procedure to check traffic violations under UAE driving license. If you don’t have any traffic violation under your iqama, you can take a print of it and produce it to them in lieu of NOC. Procedure and Guideline is shared by Mr. Hamdan

Check traffic violations under UAE Driving License online
  • Open the website of Dubai Police for inquiry & payment of traffic violations from this link
  • There will be several options to check traffic violations, you need to click on license number and enter your license number in the respective box.
  • There is another box with the caption of “Source” from where you need to select the city from where your driving license is issued. I have selected Dubai in this case
  • Print the search result page (Keep the website language Arabic) and take it as NOC Dubai Police. It is the proof that there is no fine on your UAE license in UAE. You can convince them that they can also check online.
  • Take the print of UAE visa page from your passport when UAE license was issued
  • It will work hopefully or otherwise you will see some people there to "guide" you in these kind of matters.

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