Friday, August 26, 2016

Court orders husband to pay SR 2.9 million to his ex-wife after 32 years of separation

Giving divorce seems to be easy, but the process after that is indeed difficult, not only mentally but physically, emotionally and financially. It’s not just that you say those words thrice and you are good to go and free from everything. You still have some responsibilities from which you cannot run away at any cost. Alimony is the provision or amount that the husband is supposed to give to his wife after divorce to financially support her after separation as it is his duty and responsibility to do so.  After separation, there are certain rights of former wife and children in Islam. A person can just not run away leaving his family in despair without supporting them or arranging something for them.

The following case is an example of justice and how the wife and son were given the right they deserved and the husband had to pay for past 720 months where he just lived freely and left his family without a second thought to how they would support themselves financially. As reported by the Gulf news, the Saudi national was ordered by the court to pay his former wife and son alimony of SR 2.9 million for leaving them without supporting and without giving any valid reason 32 years ago. The wife filed the case this year only stating that her former husband left them after they had a baby without considering her situation. She provided the court with valid proofs and evidence. The family court just in the red sea city thus favored the wife and ordered the Saudi national to pay the alimony for all these years.

As reported by Al-Madinah, the ex-wife’s account was confirmed to not have enough balance and how the husband left without informing and fulfilling his financial responsibility. The court then ordered to find out the ex-husband’s monthly income which came out to be SR 80,000 monthly. According to the court, the husband now had to pay for the previous 384 months after separation, which makes up to around SR 4,000 for each month for supporting the wife financially.

This sums up to around SR 1.536 million. In addition to this, the husband, who is also a father needs to pay for his son for the previous 336 months. He was ordered to pay another SR 4,000 per month for him which makes up to SR 1.34 million.  Thus the total amount the man needs to pay is SR 2.88 million.

The court declared that the ex husband would pay SR 5,000 monthly to them. This monthly income would double on occasion of two religious festivals celebrated in Saudi Arabia. Everyone in the Kingdom and the social media appreciated the act and took it in a positive way as it led to justice towards the former wife and son. This also sets an example for others.

Source: Gulf News

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