Monday, August 22, 2016

Depilex: A Pakistani beauty salon which employs only Acid Burn Victims

Acid burning is very common in Pakistan that has destroyed the lives of many young girls and women. Sadly 70% of the acid burn’s survivors are the women who remain silent for the rest of their lives. The reason for such inhumane acid attack on women are numerous including the insufficient dowry expectations of the in-laws, martial dispute between  a husband and a wife or the refusal of women to  get married to a certain man. Bushra Shafi, the victim and survivor of the barbaric acid burning was just thrown acid on her by her husband as she did not fulfill her in laws’ demand of getting money from her parents. Her suffering was painful as she was tied up and his brutal husband poured acid all over her face. That day she lost her facial identity and the hope to live.

She was in coma for 3 months. After recovering from dire illness, she started to live all alone in her house. She would always exile herself from her relatives, who many times took sides of her husband who was all fair with her. She became fed up of listening to people giving sympathy to her. One day, while she became addicted to her isolated existence, her niece told her about the advertisement claiming to treat acid burns survivors. Without thinking she called at the given number and was asked to visit the salon in the most posh areas of the city. Shafi was hesitant but this was the time when she met Mussarat Misbah, an illuminating light emerging in a dark room. Mussrat is a well-known beautician, as many of her beauty salon branches are working in the city whereas she owns a nonprofit organization that provides medical assistance and job opportunities to the acid burns survivors.

Shafi said that meeting Misbah was a very pleasant experience as she showed great love and treated her with her most gentle gestures. She told shafi not to worry about her miserable state as she will soon start her treatment. Misbah without wasting any time booked a doctor’s appointment for Shafi’s treatment. After undergoing 150 surgeries and operations, Shafi was grafted a bulbous nose on her face.

Her chin has been dispatched from her neck making it prominent. She now has beautiful eyebrows transplant. Shafi is quite contented with her looks and doesn’t feel like wearing a veil. Shafi calls Misbah her sister (baji). Shafi loves her new face and identity as she is offered a job in one of the salon run by Misbah. After providing free treatment to the Acid burn survivors, Misbah came up with the Depliex smile again foundation. She worked very hard to collect donations from her friends and family and she also decided to invest her profit in the life changing cause.

Till now Misbah has treated almost 500 cases of the acid burn survivors and is willing to expand her services. She shelters many acid burners while providing psychological and medical care along with job placement and vocational trainings. This Pakistani hero Mussarat Misbah runs a well-known beauty salon in Pakistan which only employs acid burn victims.

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