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Different types of Umrah Bus Services operated from Riyadh

According to the latest development, many of the travel agencies are offering Umrah services from Riyadh by bus. These services are operated for the betterment of the people who can easily take a bus from Riyadh .The Umrah services are divided into two main packages. First Umrah package comprises of a route first from Riyadh to Madina then Madina to Makkah and finally from MAKKAH back to Riyadh. The second Umrah package is totally different from the first one. In this package, the bus operates directly from Riyadh to MAKKAH, without going to Madina. After this, it goes back from Makkah to Madina.

These packages are only available on weekends from Haara. But if someone is interested to travel for Umrah in the week days similar bus services for Umrah passengers are being operated from Batha (old bus service stand).  In order to book your ticket, you must visit the ticket booking booth, where the travel officer will issue you a ticket mentioning the departure time of the bus.  The Umrah package has allocated time as the Umrah package from Madinah and Makkah and from Haara departs around 4p.m and  after Maghrib or Esha prayers If one wants to travel from Batha (Old stand).  

The total cosat of this package is above 100 Saudi Riyal. Moreover many people book the hotel to stay in Makkah when they buy their tickets for bus services. Booking the hotel along with the ticket helps to cut the cost of the hotel expense. In order to go direct from Riyadh to Makkah one must visit Batha .The bus services are always available from 3 pm onwards on both weekends and weekdays.

There are almost 250 Umrah travel operators working in Riyadh.  Most of them are situated in the center city of Batha. It has been observed that the bus services raised the prices of the Umrah packages from 100 Saudi Riyal to 200 Saudi Riyal due to the rush in the month of Ramadan. The hotels provide a big large room to a family whereas three bachelors are given a room which is shared by them. The bus journey begins usually on Tuesdays and end on Sundays. As the bus journey begins, the buses are stopped at three major points for the dinner. This is already planned by the travel agencies priorly while designing the route.

SAPTCO is the most famous Saudi transport company which is extensively economical for the Umrah passengers. It offers two types of Umrah services, which is a VIP service and the normal bus service. The VIP bus services  provides the Umrah passengers with a sophisticated  standard of comfort unlike the normal bus service .The VIP buses have spacious seats , charging sockets for mobile phones, newspapers and magazine and snack boxes. But very few Umrah passengers opt for VIP Umrah buses as majority books the normal buses. But if a person is accompanied by older people it’s a good idea to opt for VIP bus because the journey becomes less painful for elders.

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