Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Exit Re-Entry, Family Visit, Hajj, Umrah Visas Fee drastically increased

As we know the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is facing one of the hardest times in its history due to the reduction in oil prices. The government is trying its best to diversify its source of revenue. As we know that expatriates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia enjoy tax-free salaries, so finally the government has decided to put some weight on the shoulders of expatriates as well.  The Council of Ministers on Monday approved a new set of visa fees for the Kingdom. We have given details about the new visa fee of different categories of visas below.  Vice Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Mohammed bin Naif has approved the new fees as part of an amendment to the Tariff Code on Civil Aviation approved during the Cabinet session at Al-Salam Palace in Jeddah. According to this amendment, following changes have been made in the visa fee to be implemented from 1st Muharram 1438 (Oct 02, 2016). Recommended: FAQs about New Visa Fee Changes taking effect from Oct 02, 2016

  1. Single Entry Visas: SR 2,000 fee will be charged on all kinds of single entry visas to Saudi Arabia. It includes the family visit visa and the work visa as well. The fee will be charged in the respective countries by Saudi Embassy and it is per passport. Source: Arab News, Saudi Gazette
  2. Single Exit Re-Entry Visa: The fee of exit re-entry visa issued for 2 months will remain same at SR 200. However, the ee will be SR 100 for each additional month. Let’s say, if you are applying for 12 months exit re-entry visa, fee will be SR 1,200. Recommended: Procedure to Apply for Exit Re-Entry Visa Online

  • Multiple Exit Re-Entry Visa: The fee for a multiple exit/re-entry visa for three months is SR 500, and SR200 for each additional month. It means the cost of applying for multiple exit re-entry visa for 6 months will be SR 1,100. Recommended: Procedure to Apply for Multiple Exit Re-Entry Visa Online
  • Visas for pilgrims performing Haj or Umrah for the first time is free of charge as government will be bearing visa fee.

    • Hajj pilgrims will have to pay SR 2,000 as visa fee if it is their second visit to the Kingdom for pilgrimage. Visa fee of SR 2,000 will be paid by Saudi government once in a lifetime for one person.
    • Umrah pilgrims are allowed to travel to Saudi Arabia on Umrah visa once in a Hijri year without visa fee. However, if they want to travel more than once, they will have to bear SR 2,000.

  • A multiple-entry visa: I think they are talking about business visa as I am not aware of any multiple entry family visas.

    • A multiple-entry visa good for six months costs SR 3,000
    • A multiple-entry visa good for one year costs SR 5,000
    • A multiple-entry visa good for two years costs SR 8,000

  • The fee for the transit visa is fixed at SR 300. Recommended: Procedure to Apply for Transit Visa of Saudi Arabia
  • The fee for a departure visa for those leaving the Kingdom through seaports is SR50.

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