Monday, August 15, 2016

First Ever Liver Transplant in Saudi Arabia performed in Saudi German Hospital

A highly specialized team comprising of 25 of some of the best surgical and medical professionals, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, from various specialties have just successfully performed the first ever liver transplant surgery in the Saudi German Hospital. The vice president of the Saudi German Hospital, Dr. Khalid Batterjee had stated that the liver transplant surgery had been conducted after it had received complete approval from the SCOT or the Saudi Council for Organ Transplantation. The surgery had taken place under the complete supervision of the Saudi Council for Organ Transplantation, and was a complete success with both the recipient and the donor completely healthy and without any complications after the surgical procedure.

A liver transplant specialist at the Saudi German Hospital, Dr. Amro Abela’al, stated that this was the first ever time that such a complicated and difficult surgical procedure had been performed at the Saudi German Hospital located in Jeddah and is also proof of the progress in the medical field that has taken place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The first ever liver transplant surgery had been performed on a 32 year old man of Yemeni origin who had been suffering from body, abdominal and liver pain for the last several years. Dr. Abdela’al had stated that the 30 year old younger brother of the Yemeni origin patient had donated a part of the right lobe of his liver in order to save his brother’s life. The surgery had been carried out with the help of a team of highly experienced doctors and medical staff who were successful in attaching the part of the healthy liver taken from the brother, with the veins, bile ducts and arteries of the patient, without incurring any complications.

He had also further stated that the surgery, which spanned across 10 hours, had been a major success in this regard. The patient who had received the liver transplant was kept in intensive care unit (I.C.U.) for a period of four days; however he has now been transferred to the normal ward. In those cases of liver transplants in which the donor is living, only a portion of the liver of the donor is removed.

A different surgical team then proceeds to remove the entire liver of the patient or recipient and then replacing it with the portion of liver taken from the healthy donor. The liver of the donor as well as the portion placed in the recipient grow back to their full size in just a few weeks after the procedure.

The Yemeni origin patient wished to remain anonymous after the very famous first ever successful liver transplant surgery. He thanked the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the kind leadership of the Kingdom for all of the medical and humanitarian support that they have provided to people like him, who are in need, as well as the Yemeni people and other nationalities.

Source: Arab News

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