Sunday, August 21, 2016

Saudi Court forces unfair sponsor to pay an expat SR 35 million in compensation

Delay in paying salaries to workers is becoming a common norm now days. As reported by the ministry of labor, many expats have filed complaints against various private companies which have denied paying the due money. Mufrij Al-Haqbani, the minister of the labor has directed the entire private, as well as the government companies to overcome the delay of the salaries of the expat workers. He also warned the companies’ owners to stop the delay of payment as it is creating problems for the workers. He also mentioned that so many complaints every month are contributing to destroy the reputation of the Kingdom. The unpaid expat workers go back to their countries with unpleasant memories and therefore they spread negative views about their bad work experience. This is an alarming situation for the Kingdom as it will discourage expats to work in Saudi Arabia.

According to the latest news, an expatriate was given SR 35 million as his dues were kept unpaid by a private company. The enforcement court ordered the company to pay the overdue amount that was his legal right. As investigated by the Judiciary sources, the private company was not in favor of paying the dues and was employing tricks and tactics to clear the issue without paying. According to sources this is not the first case. In past there have been many cases in which companies denied to pay due charges to the expats and labor office has given verdict in favor of employees. In this case the judge at the court of Grievances took an immediate action against the illegal attitude of the private company. He issued a verdict supporting the right of the expat. As ordered by the court, the amount must be paid by the private company within five days maximum.

The notice forces the company to pay off the due amount in the given period otherwise the court will take an action. When the expats come to work in Saudi Arabia they are dependent upon their sponsors who are known as “KAFEELS”. Once the agreement is settled, the worker is obliged to pay a fixed amount to the sponsor at the end of each month.

According to the sources, this has become a common practice of the Saudi companies to hold back the dues which was deducted from the employer’s salary. Many expats deprive of their justified salary gave up the hope of getting any dues. Most of the times, sponsor deprives expat workers as they don’t know about their rights. It is very important to educate yourself as an expat worker if you are working in Saudi Arabia. Recommended: Rights of Employees under Saudi Labor Law

It is very important for all of us to know that Labor Courts are there to help you out. If you face any case of justification, bring it to the notice of Labor Office. You have every chance to win the case against your employer if you are really deprived off your rights.

Source: Arab News

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