Tuesday, August 30, 2016

SR 100 fines for throwing Cigarette Butt on Street in Saudi Arabia

According to the Director General of Traffic, Maj. Gen. Abdullah Al-Zahrani, if someone is caught throwing cigarette butt from the car’s window he/she should be ready to face the consequences in the form of fine. The law states that throwing a cigarette butt from your car’s window on the street will cost you SR 100 as fine. He further explained that this law is also applicable on the pedestrians. Meaning, if a person is caught throwing cigarette butt on the street while walking, he/she will be required to pay a fine worth SR100.The main reason behind this campaign is to create clean anti–cigarette littered streets. Anti-littering laws are put into practices to minimize the increasing culture of cigarette butts which are not at all bio gradable.

Zahrani said that the vehicles including cars and bikes which are displaying various slogans also fall victim to violation. In such cases the car’s owner would be responsible to pay the fine. People should develop civil sense as he has observed majority of the people are unaware of traffic rules. A lot of drivers are caught by the traffic police while they are planning to park their vehicles in the no parking area. He added that everyone including the pedestrians must abide by the traffic rules and they must be well aware of traffic violation acts. The pedestrians should limit themselves to the specified sections of road that are allocated on footpath.

Furthermore, throwing of rubbish and garbage form the car is also considered as the violation of the traffic rules and laws. The person committing such heinous crime will be punished. The laws makes it very clear that nobody is allowed to throw any kind of rubbish on the streets no matter if someone is travelling in a car or using the road by walk.  Other violation of the traffic rules includes driving a car without a number plate.

If any driver is found driving a car without the number plate he/she must be fined. Many pedestrians on purpose avoid using the zebra crossing to cross the road and according to the new law if any pedestrian is caught not using the zebra crossing he/she will be fined too. According to the latest development, the traffic police have been facing a number of problems .Many of the drivers are driving cars that are without number plates. The implementation of strict traffic laws will be helpful for the citizens as well. Many drivers complain about pedestrians coming in between the roads while they are suppose to cross the roads via zebra crossings.

On the other hand, the pedestrians are upset with the drivers who are not limiting their car’s speed while they are passing the zebra crossings. The government has planned to establish better traffic rules sign boards which will help in promoting the implementation of traffic rules and regulation. Many new laws are being formed in the same context to eradicate all traffic problems.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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